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Do the Independent Hotel Clients of Hotelogix Receive Value for their Money?

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
Hotelogix is being increasingly talked about as one of the best web-based property management systems for multi-property hotels as they can significantly benefit from its data consistency, efficient comparative reporting and anytime anywhere access. But when it comes to independent small and mid size hotels, are they finding Hotelogix worth the monthly fee they have to pay? Here’s what we found out talking to one of Hotelogix’s independent hotel customers. In the words of their General Manager, “We were introduced to concept of web based property management systems by one of our suppliers who had first hand witnessed tremendous benefits of Hotelogix in case of one of our competitors. We got immediately impressed by the promise that Hotelogix offered and can say with great satisfaction now that it delivered what it promised.”


He further stated, “We picked Hotelogix through one of their channel partners in our region. The software has proved to be very effective and easy to learn for all our staff. We were earlier quite sceptical about such a system as our property is seasonal and we hire new staff every year. It was practically impossible for us to invest in a system wherein we’d have to incur additional training expenses every year. All our employees find Hotelogix extremely easy to operate and their ‘how to’ videos have been a great help in this regard.”


This client has also benefited greatly from Hotelogix’s reporting functions as they can now generate reports whenever required and use them to take critical management decisions. Besides training worries, they were also little apprehensive initially about their data being maintained on an offsite location. However, now, primarily owing to system’s efficiency, they feel safer about data security than ever before. As a contingency measure though, they download a copy of the night audit report daily and save it on their systems in pdf format.


They found Hotelogix very affordable too and opted for a monthly subscription plan, which costs them much less in comparison to what they were earlier spending on technical support, software, online training and hosting of their previous on-site property management system. As the system doesn’t require specialized workstations, whenever they need more terminals, they purchase very basic PCs with internet connectivity and it all falls in place really well for them. Since the cost involved is minimal, even if one PC breaks or runs into trouble, they just buy a new one and plug it in. This does away with the time they used to waste earlier trying to debug things under the front desk and/or other locations of the property.”


The IT Manager of the hotel adds, “The consistency of internet connectivity was a bit of a worry for us, but we have taken internet connections from two different vendors. Paying up a minimal additional monthly internet expense is far better in comparison to cost-effectiveness and ease of operations offered by Hotelogix. Honestly, it’s a very small price to pay.”