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Creating a Noiseless Environment for Your Hotel Guests

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Creating a Noiseless Environment for Your GuestsChecking into a hotel is another elaborate getaway experience for your guests who want to taste the tranquility far away from the hustle and bustle of the daily hectic life. What hotel guests expect is that the ambience of the hotel room stays well-insulated from external noises and even internal disturbances.

Hotel management usually ensures that the hotel rooms are soundproofed mostly through carpets, drapes and other décor amenities. But, this doesn’t absorb the noise and vibrations in the walls. It isn’t all that easy while creating a noiseless-room. The man-made tranquility is challenged by noises emitting from the amenities and utilities placed in the hotel room for the hotel guest’s comfort. Common appliances that can thwart your hotel room’s serenity are the refrigerators and ACs. Clever changes can muffle these unwarranted sounds in your hotel room.

The hotel room’s refrigerator is reckoned as the noisiest thing in a hotel room besides the air conditioner. This can have a negative impact on the quality of sleep, which your hotel guest looks forward to enjoying. Top hoteliers are suggesting that the placement of the refrigerator is pivotal for the noise factor in the room. Given that these refrigerators are propped against the walls, an acoustical padding is warranted to prevent absorption of noise vibrations through the wall.

Science points out that the fridge’s compressor is known to run harder when the door is open more often. Bearing this mind, hotel managers direct the housekeeping staff to position the room refrigerator at a place that absorbs most of its unwarranted noise and vibration. A soundless, tranquil hotel room adds to the serenity and luxury of your guest’s experience. Hence creating a noiseless haven is as vital as the ambience of the hotel room.

Quick and clever decor options have worked wonders to enhance the serenity and tranquility of any quality hotel room. With a hotel management software monitoring all your daily hotel-governance routines, you can devote more time to nailing the perfect tranquil ambience for your hotel rooms, to make your hotel guests visit over and over again!