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Cloud PMS: No Longer ‘just’ an Operational Tool in the Hotel Industry


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Gone are the days when a hotel’s PMS was considered vital only for operational reasons, i.e. to manage room inventory, housekeeping, various points of sale and more such tasks. If a hotel is still using their PMS only as an operational tool, then they are underutilizing the system. An efficient system is not just an operational tool but also an extremely effective strategic tool – it is an integral part of room distribution.

A Cloud PMS with an integrated distribution solution is an indispensable tool for small independent hotels, which needs to be used to its maximum potential. New-age cloud based property management systems not only streamline the critical operations of a hotel like reservations, restaurant management, housekeeping, accounts, payment but the integrated distribution system enables the hotels to be globally visible in real-time with reliable inventory updates.

Today, there are numerous online marketplaces for hotels to distribute their room inventory with more options increasing by the day. Hotels require systems that enable real-time fulfilment of inventory across the various marketplaces. An efficient PMS holds 100% of the room inventory; therefore it just makes perfect sense for it to be the core for room distribution. This ensures that problems such as lost bookings and double bookings are a thing of the past.

Small independent hotels have a better advantage because they can also now sell on platforms that were not available to them earlier. Integrated solutions ensure that it is all ‘fair game’ now. Room distribution via the Cloud PMS ensures that their room inventory is available across numerous marketplaces without anyone from the hotel having to toggle room availabilities back and forth. Instead of the CRS, the PMS shall manage the room inventory.

The Cloud PMS doesn’t just take care of the room inventory across various channels but even the disbursement of information across various marketplaces would be through a single point access. Hotels can manage their information and images across numerous portals through a single point access. Everything just becomes so much simpler and accessible.

Such a system would not only manage the operations and distribution but also help a hotel manage and analyze their business to maximize their profits. The analytics reports would give detailed business intelligence on which marketplaces work for the hotels and which don’t.

With the rapidly growing global hospitality industry, it becomes quite the battlefield especially for small independent hotels. They should ensure that they use all the tools available to them and utilize the benefits out of them. A Cloud PMS provides a single-point unified solution which is not just an operational tool but an extremely strategic room inventory distribution tool that can make the world of a difference to a hotel’s bottom line. This attests the importance of PMS in the hotel industry.

It’s just the smarter way to go. When you have all the systems available through an integrated approach, why should you look elsewhere?

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