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Why do independent hotels need an All-In-One Solution to drive growth?


All-In-One Solution for independent hotels | Hotelogix

Independent hotels account for about 40%-50% of the world’s total hotel pool. And like bigger group or chain brands, these hospitality entities also want to accomplish four primary objectives – filling all their rooms, selling at the best rates, exceeding guest expectations, and maximising profit. But as every business has unique challenges, hotels in this category also face several of them, including chaotic and competitive market conditions, a shortage of skilled workforce, etc.

This blog will examine a few critical roadblocks preventing independent properties from realising their goals. We will also look at how an All-In-One Solution can help them address those issues efficiently.

Let’s look at a few of those odds first.

Generally speaking, independent hotels don’t have dedicated personnel for each department. Due to this, most of them double up and take responsibility for multiple areas of their operations. This is why the management needs to rely on technology that automates processes without many overheads in administration and support.

Sourcing different solutions

Chain and group brands have a skilled workforce to evaluate, resource, and work with multiple technology solutions. But then, this is not the case with independent entities. With the lack of staffing, it becomes difficult for them to understand how and what type of technology will get them the desired results. To be precise, the whole process of sourcing multiple solutions across departments becomes quite a complex task for them.

Dealing with multiple technology vendors

Working with multiple tech vendors leads to increased overheads in support, training, payments, etc. Juggling between them to get a resolution is also cumbersome and time-consuming, the time they could have dedicated to serving their guests.

No seamless integration between systems

This is true, as they implement several systems from multiple technology providers. When they (solutions) are not from one vendor, the chances of seamless integration between them are very thin, leading to an inconsistent flow of operational information between respective departments. Thus, critical data sitting in silos, isolated from each other, and duplicated at multiple places that are not in sync, prevents management from making data-driven decisions at the right time.

High total cost of ownership

It always becomes quite expensive when someone tries to orchestrate the complete process with point solutions sourced from different vendors. It doesn’t only add costs in buying those solutions but also additional charges in terms of administration, support, and training overheads. This could lead their total cost of ownership to go up. When this is the case, achieving instant ROI becomes pretty tricky.

Inefficient online distribution

The world has gone online, and everything sells online. This particular challenge prevents independent hotels from selling more rooms online. Without a seamless integration between the Hotel PMS + Channel Manager and Hotel PMS + Internet Booking Engine, they can’t sell more via OTAs, their websites, and Facebook pages.

Here comes an All-In-One Solution from Hotelogix

Over the last decade, we have worked closely with 5000+ hotels in 100+ countries and helped them drive their growth. It is in our DNA to assist hotels in every possible way. This has led us to bundle a few of our tried and tested cloud-based solutions in one box that independent hotels need the most. It consists of a Hotel PMS, Mobile PMS App, Guest Service App, Point of Sale, Channel Manager, Internet Booking Engine, and Revenue Management System.

Benefits of our All-In-One Solution

First and foremost, hotels in this segment no longer need to deal with disparate solutions from multiple technology vendors. All our solutions seamlessly integrate to ensure a real-time two-way flow of data. Since hotels can leverage the power of our solutions with subscription-based pricing and it doesn’t require them to set up expensive servers and IT teams, they get to reduce their total cost of ownership significantly.

Better operations

While the Hotel PMS automates operations and reduces errors, the Mobile PMS App allows their staff to execute tasks on the go. The Point of Sale helps manage room service, F&B operations, gift shops, travel desks, etc.

Improved distribution and sales

The Hotel PMS and Channel Manager integration ensures a real-time update of inventory and rates across all the connected OTAs. This gets the hotel more OTA bookings while significantly cutting down on overbookings and double bookings. Similarly, the Internet Booking Engine allows an independent hotel to get more direct bookings via its website and Facebook page.

Increased revenues

Revenue management is complex, especially when it involves tracking competition rates, local demand, and understanding guest segments to arrive at the best rate. But an intelligent Revenue Management System as part of our All-In-One Solution does the job for them. This system continuously monitors all the essential factors, including availability and occupancy, and dynamically changes room rates in an automated way while ensuring optimised pricing.

Enhanced guest experience

The guest service app allows hotels to offer contactless and faster check-in/out services to their guests. Guests can raise service requests through the app, and hotel staff can track their status in real-time for timely completion. Plus, they get to save enough time when our All-In-One Solution automates everything – operations, distribution, and revenues. Now, time is what they need the most to attend to guests.

Independent hotels are a big part of the entire hospitality ecosystem. As a globally trusted hospitality technology provider, we believe that they also deserve the best-of-the-breed solutions that are affordable yet powerful enough to drive their overall growth.

This post was originally published on Hospitalitynet.

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