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Benefits of Becoming a Hotelogix Reseller

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
Hotelogix is a cloud technology based hotel system which is becoming a name to reckon with in the hospitality industry, more specifically in the mid and small size hotels and resorts. The Hotelogix team offers extensive support and training to its resellers along with the best recurring revenue commissions in the industry. There are several more benefits offered to resellers of Hotelogix. They are listed as follows:
–          Enrichment of product offering: If you’re already selling products related to hospitality industry, Hotelogix can become a major catalyst in your offerings and catapult your revenues in no time.
–          No headaches: Being a reseller of Hotelogix, you’ll not have to take the setup and installation troubles. All of it will be handled by the Hotelogix team.
–          End-to-End business solution: By associating with Hotelogix, you’ll be able to provide your hospitality clients with a comprehensive end-to-end business solution capable of taking care of all their operations and management related needs.
–         Extensive Support: Hotelogix team provides online training, consulting and marketing
–          Seamless Integration: Hotelogix provides seamless integration with newly developed or existing client sites.
–          Monthly Revenue Sharing and Service Commisions: With Hotelogix, you can benefit from a monthly revenue sharing system and monthly service commissions on Installations and Training, thereby adding significantly to your revenue.
–        You only buy the system as you sell

–          Enhancement in Client Relations: By offering a system as beneficial and efficient as Hotelogix, you’ll gain significantly in terms of your relations with your clients. You’ll maximize profits both for yourself as well as your clients.