Avail data at your fingertips hotelogix IOS

Avail data at your fingertips with Hotelogix

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

11In an age of free flow of information, availing data instantly becomes an inevitable part of growing a business like hospitality. The trajectory is very simple, with Hotelogix one would avail priceless hotel information in IOS devices like i-pad and i-phone and also on Androids pretty soon. A property owner is always curious about the minute developments in his property, so appeasing the property owner’s curiosity becomes much easier with the compatibility of the cloud based Property Management Software, Hotelogix.

Digital Consumers are driving changes in the way products and services are being consumed and being delivered. With the constant mapping of the social media market in the globe, being updated, connectivity and networking becomes indispensible tool in this industry. Increasing adoption of information and communications technologies is increasing the pace of change; traditional in-house R&D (Research and Development) will not be enough to match up in this era of competition.

Organizations need to adopt open approach to innovation so that there is an ecosystem of partners and customers who are co-creating innovative solutions and Hotelogix understood this niche beforehand and came up with the idea to adopt the cloud technology and make the solution compatible in the trending technology enhanced market like IOS devices and androids soon.

Hotelogix is extremely a customer oriented service and when it understood the need of this development, in no minute Hotelogix decided to make the service avail in this smart phone age. The property owner will always be updated on any minute developments about his property no matter where he is.

Appeasing the human curious mind though not a herculean task yet requires nifty tactics and Hotelogix could hit the nail right on spot by widening this opportunity. With the increase number of growing IOS and usage per se it beckoned the need of easy access of information and with Hotelogix soon to be available for android and IOS devices, it serves the purpose just right at this juncture.

Hotelogix soon to be available for IOS devices and Androids

Hotelogix once successfully tested on androids and IOS devices will soon be available handy. Isn’t this is exactly what every hotel owner could ever dream of. Easy, simple accessible, you get what you just need, available right at your fingertips.