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A Peep Into the Technologies that Drive Hospitality Industry

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
Development driven by technology is practically becoming the hallmark of every modern industry in our world. Although hotel industry is greatly dependent of skills and service, technology plays a big role in the operations of all successful hotel establishments as well.A great example of such technology in the hospitality industry is a software known as “property management system” or PMS. A PMS helps hospitality businesses with automated management of client bookings and includes features like online reservations, point of sale and other aspects. A property management system is usually an integral part of large and small hotel establishments. This is all the more true in case of multi-property hotel businesses, owing to their size. This system facilitates both micro management and macro management of almost all the facets of hotel operations. Some of the high-end property management systems available in the market provide extended modules for certain specific service areas like corporate enterprise and catering. Further, some systems can even be synchronized with computerized EMS (energy management systems) in order to conserve energy.Different establishments make use of different modules depending on the utility of a function in their hotel environment. Some PMSs offer assistance in terms of analytic components that help driving the business and in measurement of particular hotel metrics. Some hotels have their online reservations driven by software known as web booking engines. Remote training, support center access and documentation programs are some of the many computerized programs that are being used by hotel establishments nowadays.Technology in hospitality industry is obviously not limited to computer software alone. There are complex systems based on hotel’s IP telephone networks as well, that are employed for system integration and easier guest access. There are several CMSs (Content management systems) available too, that assist hotels in disseminating information to the clients and in improvement of marketing initiatives, thereby complementing the traditional marketing efforts of the organization.

With the growing emphasis on the environment protection and increasing awareness among the consumers about the importance of sustainability, “green technology” is something that is gaining wide popularity in the hospitality industry. It involves all initiatives that involve eco-friendly innovations, energy efficiency and sustainable and smart building designs. More and more hotels, including the mid-size hotels(depending on affordability), are adopting green technology nowadays. Some of the examples of ways in which they’re doing so are: several hotels are using wireless thermostats that can sense movement and occupancy in a room and can then adjust the room temperature settings automatically. This helps in saving both costs and energy. Many hotels are making active use of electronic documentation between different departments and within management, thereby reducing the paper consumption significantly.

Although most of the green technologies are being actively adopted only by top-tier hotels due to the affordability factor, there are certain innovations happening in this field which will soon make these technologies affordable for even small and mid-size properties. Technology, without doubt, plays a significant role in almost all aspects of hotel operations. From simple improvements in telecommunication systems to complete utilization of property management systems, technology makes life easier both for hotel staff and guests.

Hotel Management Software – Why Your Hotel Needs it?

The internet revolution in the past two decades and its effects reaching the hospitality industry in the form of various online hotel reservation systems has not only proven to be a great boon for the modern day traveler, but also for the hospitality industry as a whole.
The number of internet users making online bookings is rapidly increasing all over the world today. This increase directly reflects in the growth patterns in the travel market as well. After the great success that online hotel reservation systems have enjoyed in the market, software companies are working overtime to develop various other types of hotel software that can further increase the efficiency and revenues of hospitality industry.
If you are hoping to make a mark in the hospitality industry and are looking for ways to enhance the prospects of your hospitality business, then investing in hotel management software will be the most optimum decision you will make. It can help your hotel business in several different ways. Let’s throw some light on some of them:
Inventory tracking – An effective hotel management software can help significantly in keeping track of the hotel inventory in an organized manner, to avoid any last minute problems for the guests. The software can be instrumental in sending out warnings related to depleting levels of stock. It can also assist in maintenance of economic order quantity (EOQ) levels and reduction of time lags.
Making your business’ presence felt in the online world – As discussed above, ever since the evolution of internet, the world has been shrinking rapidly and businesses have been becoming smarter. People sitting at the other end of planet are accessible just by the click of mouse. Furthermore, considering the constraints of time, businesses are nowadays opting for smarter solutions to accomplish tasks in a jiffy. Since most of the world class hotels are indulging in cut-throat competition both online and offline, it goes without saying that your business needs to make its presence felt in the internet arena (if it hasn’t as yet!). Nowadays, while planning their holidays, people find it more convenient, simple and time saving to make their travel arrangements online. It is important for your hospitality business to understand and meet this demand by setting up an online reservation system for the customers’ benefit.
Record maintenance – Hotel management software can be utilized for daily maintenance of records like guest check-ins, check-outs, purchases, room occupancy levels, bar and dining revenues, utilities – and a lot more useful information. All such information can be accessed later, just by a mouse click.
Making the most optimum use of technology – Investing in a hotel management software and having it upgraded at regular intervals ensures that your hospitality business remains at par with the competitors in terms of technological advancements in the hotel software industry. Moreover, such software is capable of keeping a check on the efficiency levels of staff and can provide reports which can be used to take corrective measures.
Considering the advantages that a hospitality business stands to gain from a hotel management software, it is only necessary that it invests in one.