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5 Reasons Why your Hotel Needs TripConnect


5 reasons why hotels need TripConnectTripConnect is a powerful and exciting new way for hotels, inns and B&Bs to compete for bookings on the world’s largest travel site by using the site’s unique bid management platform and participating in Hotel Price Comparison Search.

So how does TripConnect empower small and mid-sized hotels globally? Take a look.

Increased Visibility

Only TripConnect can give access to 260 million unique monthly visitors through the TripAdvisor website. They provide direct access to visitors who are a qualified travel audience.  This helps give that extra edge to small and mid-sized hotels across the globe and enables them to be strong contenders in the global marketplace.

 Maximize Bookings

TripConnect drives travellers directly to the hotel’s booking engine, these are travellers who have done their background research and are ready to book. The platform enables direct booking to be swift and easy for potential guests resulting in swifter conversions.

 Get prime placement

If a property has the top TripConnect bid, their rates and availability link will show up first in the Hotel Price Comparison. TripConnect also offers a special ‘Featured” tag for properties in area search results which allows more qualified users to the hotel’s site.

Increase Revenue

TripConnect powers direct bookings to the hotels website, the property can use this to their advantage and convert their direct bookings into upsell opportunities. Generate higher per-guest revenues by using your website’s upsell capabilities. (Also Read: TripAdvisor to Integrate Hotel Bookings Via Mobile)

 Reduced Costs

Direct bookings means there is no need of commission fees to OTAs. Hotels end up making more and spending less. (Also Read: TripConnect: A Hotelier’s Tool to Outsmart OTAs)

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TripConnect is a new, innovative and very efficient way for hoteliers to generate incremental business via their Internet booking engine. Hotelogix is confident that their present and future customers will truly find this to be an advantageous tool.

Have you integrated with TripConnect yet? If so, please share your experiences with us in the comment box below.