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Automation to expansion: Top 5 benefits of a multi-property management system for a hotel group


5 benefits of a multi-property management system | Hotelogix

Let’s start with this – what is a multi-property management system? It refers to a computerised system or solution or a hotel property management system (Hotel PMS) that can manage the operations of multiple properties in a hotel group. Now, you may ask, how is it different from just any other solution available in the market? Then this is the intent of this blog as we will try to explain why it is operationally and business-wise the best decision to go for a cloud-based multi-property solution for your hotel group.

Challenges are bound to arise when you run a hotel group with 10-15 properties across locations. Everything needs your undivided attention, from dealing with the shortage of skilled workers, ensuring team communications and collaborations, executing regular administrative work and getting to know each hotel’s position. Some other critical challenges are – containing the high cost of operations, selling more rooms to boost occupancy and increasing revenues while taking care of your guests’ expectations. The list doesn’t end here. Above all, we also know that expanding the footprint of your hotel group’s brand by adding new properties is at the top of your priority list.

Now let’s see how a cloud-based multi-property solution will help you address some of the challenges mentioned above. In other words, we will discuss some of the significant benefits your hotel group can see with a cloud-powered solution.

#1 – Reduces your software ownership costs

The cost of software ownership is one of the most considerable capital expenditures. If you have ten properties in your group, the IT CAPEX increases significantly when you go for on-premises solutions. Not only this, you need to pay for software AMC, servers and even towards having a dedicated IT team at each of your properties. You can contain all these expenses with a cloud-based multi-property solution. The subscription-based pricing model enables you to pay for what you use. Are you planning to renovate one of your 50-room properties that will be out of operation for a month? No worries, you don’t have to pay for that period with a cloud-based multi-property Hotel PMS. Additionally, you can save more on the IT front as you don’t have to have costly servers and IT teams across your properties.

#2 – Increases your efficiency with centralised control

With a single sign-on, your corporate team can centrally manage all the properties while keeping track of hotel positions, critical operational data and guest details. It helps your corporate office have a clear and unified approach while managing operations across member properties in your group. It also empowers you to access group-wide MIS reports, history and forecast reports, manager flash reports, etc., to make and implement key business decisions about revenue management and all centrally. Additionally, you can have a Central Reservation Office (CRO) solution to manage reservations across all your hotels from the central call centre.

#3 – Enhances your operational capabilities

You get unprecedented flexibility and mobility when you have a cloud-based hotel property management system powering your hotel group’s operations. For example, you can access the solution on your phone or laptop via a Mobile Hotel PMS App or, over the web, on the go. You can have your revenue manager change room rates on the fly. Another prominent aspect is process automation. It reduces dependency on manual intervention, thus slashing operational errors that could lead to complications, including revenue leakage and guest dissatisfaction. Moreover, you can save time in the form of man hours – and time is money.

#4 – Improves your online room sales and occupancy

It happens when the cloud hotel management software integrates with other cloud solutions like channel managers and online/web booking engines. Such powerful integrations help you distribute your room availability and rates on all the connected online sales channels (OTAs) in real time, removing discrepancies that could lead to double bookings and overbookings. The ultimate message is this – you can sell more via OTAs and your website, leading to improved occupancy.

#5 – Powers up your expansion strategy

Yes. We are finally talking about an essential aspect of your business – expansion. As per the current trend, where hotel groups are aggressively acquiring standalone properties, you may follow the same strategy. In this case, with a cloud-based multi-property solution, you can add the new property to your group, go live quickly, and become fully operational as soon as possible. It means you can drastically reduce your go-to-market turnaround time and launch the new hotel to beat the competition.

In this context, see what one of our clients has to say about our multi-property management system – “With Hotelogix, it has been a breeze for us to plug in and integrate a new property as part of our corporate operations. We are able to go live with a new property within three days.”Deepika Arora, Founder, Rosakue.

Yes, three days! It happens in just three days!

The success of your hotel group depends on many factors, including the location, grandeur, offerings etc., But today, adopting the right hospitality solution has emerged as one of the biggest differentiators and enablers. And when we talk about hospitality technology, a cloud-based multi-property management system takes centre stage. Sitting at the core of your hotel group’s operation, it assists you in becoming more competitive and staying relevant in today’s changing market.

Replacing the legacy Hotel PMS with a cloud-powered multi-property management solution at your hotel group is all about adapting quickly and responding efficiently to the ever-changing business dynamics. It is all about saving time and eliminating errors with comprehensive process automation. It is about collecting insightful real-time data on your business and guests. Ultimately, it is all about staying relevant, attractive, and competitive in the market.

5 benefits of a multi-property management system | Hotelogix