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Why Hotels Must Use Channel Manager During These COVID Times


Why Hotels Must Use Channel Manager During These COVID Times

The COVID pandemic has hit the hotel industry hard. Now, as the industry is slowly getting back to its feet, hotels all around the world are incorporating different strategies to prepare for the rebound.

But as a hotelier, are you taking full advantage of today’s cutting-edge hospitality technology platforms? While you are using all the business and marketing strategies, have you considered a channel manager? If not, it’s time to change your approach and gain a competitive edge to serve guests better and stay profitable in the long-run.

People have started to travel again and you must promote your hotel rooms through multiple online channels. And a channel manager is what you need to attract bookings and maximise profit amid the COVID times.

With powerful, full-stack hotel PMS and channel manager integration, you can enjoy the simplicity of managing your inventory and rates across multiple channels and start receiving bookings on your frontdesk in real-time.

In this blog, we list down some of the prime reasons why channel manager and PMS integration is imperative more than ever during these COVID times.

Manage Your Bookings And Cancellation The Easiest Way Possible

The entire hospitality and travel industry are experiencing an unprecedented increase in service requests. People are sceptical about their travel plans and this leads to an overwhelming number of cancellations. Also, as the restrictions are now starting to ease, the number of bookings are also increasing. This unpredictable situation will be there for quite some time – until and unless people are completely sure they are safe.

This is where a hotel PMS with Channel manager integration comes into the picture. With a strong, reliable channel manager you will be able to easily manage your booking, and cancellations, rebook them for a later date or offer different alternatives.

Furthermore, with Hotelogix, a channel manager can be seamlessly integrated with your frontdesk and work in complete sync. Every time you update room availability on the frontdesk panel, the details are updated across all the selected channels you work with. Hotelogix makes room distribution with channel management easy and error-free.

Update Rates And Availability Effectively

Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus, the preferences of travellers’ have changed. Also, considering the impact of COVID-19 in the financial domain, people are also looking for the best rates. Moreover, you might also want to control your inventory based on the new COVID norms and safety concerns. And to serve the needs and wants of guests better, hotels must become forward-looking. They must know what rates would drive more bookings and update inventory without affecting their revenue.

Therefore, hotels must work more actively with their channel manager than ever before. A channel manager lets you update your room rates and availability in real-time across all platforms.

Increase Your Reach Through More Channels

When there’s already a crunch in the sales amid the COVID-19 chaos, hotels cannot rely on a few channels. They must broaden their reach in order to drive revenue and become profitable.

Hotelogix along with the channel manager connect helps with just that. You can get listed in multiple online channels, agencies, and meta-search platforms globally and manage them with the utmost simplicity.

With a channel manager in place, everything gets really seamless, ensuring that you are not missing out on business amid these times of crisis.

Eliminate Double-Booking

People and hotels around the world have faced a lot of inconveniences already during the pandemic, and all they want now is simple, hassle-free processes. So, when it comes to serving guests during and in the post-COVID world, hotels must ensure that their processes are efficient enough.

Double-booking is something that could be a factor that would affect your hotel’s business and reputation. This can happen either when you overbook, or when you do not have a quality inventory management system set up with a channel manager.

Hotelogix property management system (PMS) provides a fully-integrated channel management software that provides hotels with a real-time update of room availability and reservations, eliminating the risk of double booking a room. Now you can target a global audience and ensure that without double-booking issues.


Channel management in the hotel industry is undoubtedly one of the indispensable assets. It not only helps automate things and increase revenue but also helps hotels overcome the difficulties COVID-19 brings in the most effective way.

Amid these times of crisis, if you want to ensure the hotel operations are smooth and hassle-free, you as a hotelier must understand that the chaos and importance of what goes on at the frontdesk of a hotel definitely need some major assistance. With an integrated hotel PMS and channel manager like Hotelogix, managing the room inventory of your property will be a breeze.

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