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EXCLUSIVE: White Paper on Legacy versus Cloud Property Management System


Legacy versus Cloud Property Management SystemDid you know?

“148.3 million online travel bookings are made each year.”

“In 2012, $217 billion of the $1.088 trillion tourism spend worldwide came from young travelers. “

“Mobile hotel bookings will continue to grow strong throughout 2014, with a prediction that 50% of direct online bookings will be made via mobile devices by 2017.”

“77% increase in international leisure travelers is expected globally in 2014.”

The facts stated above are alarmingly true. The hotel industry has evolved over the last few years and the rise of the internet plus online bookings along with a change in travelers’ expectations have transformed the dynamics of the game. While the big brands are making their profits, the small and mid-sized hotels are still trying to fit into the bracket. It has become more important than ever for small and mid-sized hotels to resort to automated tools to help them scale up quickly.

With an aim to educate hoteliers on the changing market dynamics and the pertinent need for adopting new-age solutions, we have released a white paper that studies why more and more hotels are switching to using a cloud property management system.

The white paper will give you an in-depth insight on the advantages and disadvantages of using legacy PMS versus Cloud PMS. The information will help you decide the best hotel management system for your property that will help you meet the new-age demands and maximize your hotel’s revenues.

The white paper also talks about the features you should consider before switching to cloud PMS. If you have any concerns regarding the risks involved in switching to cloud, refer to the FAQ section of the white paper which will help you clear your doubts.

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