“A new research from AMI partners states that Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in the United States will spend more than $49 billion on cloud services in 2015; nearly double the size of the market today.”

It always yields a good romantic angle when the Cloud technology is clubbed in a software solution to increase operational efficiency for the small and mid-sized hotels.  Cloud applications continue to gain momentum in enterprise hotel solution applications as hoteliers’ are motivated to accelerate their operational speeds, low upfront costs, better utilization, reduced support need and ongoing flexibility. Today if you aren’t on cloud, there is no easy way to expand operations and heighten the business.

Hotel solutions have outgrown that phase when check ins and check outs, were maintained in a file. Apart from check ins and check outs there are a lot of other attractive features involved in today’s hotel operations. Property management systems (PMSs) have become inevitable in the challenging world of hotel management.  With gradual shift in the market dynamics and with the constant growth seen in this segment, these businesses have the dire need to rise up to the competition and equip themselves with a solution that will support their business goals.

With a conservative estimate of over 1.5 million small and mid-size hotels in need of cost-efficient and easy-to-adopt solutions for their operational challenges, Hotelogix was the idea. The evolution of ‘cloud computing,’ which enabled convenient, omnipresent, on-demand access to computing resources, was the technological base for the conception of Hotelogix. Hotelogix is a contemporary property management system built to seamlessly organize mid segment hotels and independent chains. It is also impeccably linked for marketing & distribution through a variety of channels for improved ROI.

It helps in carrying out the critical Frontdesk hotel operations like check in and check out, making reservations. Also, managing the housekeeping like which room needs a ‘touch up’ or which room has to be cleaned before the guest arrives are the simple modules inserted in the system. Adding en number of POS like spa, gift shops, restaurants etc help the hotelier earn revenue without any extra effort of managing the system; all is available at the finger tips.

Hotelogix is a Multiple Property system, meaning you can add as much as property you want in the system and managing that supports working in multiple currencies and in multiple time-zones, all managed centrally.

By embracing the cloud technology and having extensive features in the system, Hotelogix sets out to change the definition of contemporary hospitality business. When technology and hospitality merge together they are bound to form an extraordinary romantic affair.