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What you Can Learn from these 8 UK Hotels this Christmas


UK Hotels celebrate ChristmasChristmas and Boxing Day are around the corner and it’s time for hoteliers in UK to take advantage of this festive season. There will be an influx of guests and this is the only chance to brand your hotel as the new holiday hotel for tourists.

The Countdown Begins!

With less than 50 days, hotels should now chalk out some fresh ideas to entice guests. Note that during the holiday season, your guests will emphasize more on good service than price. The guests come with a lot of expectations so it’s ideal on your part to show them the value for their money. Hotels will receive a lot of bookings in the initial weeks of December so be prepared.

Scrutinize all the elements of your hotel – from the style to the decoration, from amenities to the menu. It is good to start the decorations early as it will save your staff a lot of time during Christmas.

Take a look at how these hoteliers in UK attracted guests to their hotel during the festive season and take cues from them:

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