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Ways to Provide Better Customer Service for Your Hotel


Customer ServiceThink of customer retention like a beautiful garden. Fail to water and fertilize the flowers and veggies in your garden, and you’ll soon find the only way to keep it looking good – and the local HOA off your back – will be to keep paying to replace dead plants. Failing to retain the customers you already have is exactly like failing to keep living plants thriving.

Sure a daily influx of new customers boosts confidence and keeps up appearances, but they are only temporary if you don’t put in the work to nurture them. Pouring money into getting new customers through the door isn’t the most efficient way to grow your customer base. Focusing on bringing in new customers can cost anywhere from five to eight times more than simply keeping existing ones. With all the other costs you have to squeeze into your budget, focus your resources on sprouting a lasting relationship with current customers, rather than throwing money at a temporary solution.

Follow these three points to grow a loyal customer base for your property:

Customer Service

Don’t ruin the hard work you put into growing your business with a lackluster hotel staff. From the booking experience, throughout the stay, all the way to the week after they have checked out, guests should feel welcomed and well accommodated. Just like that hopeless garden, your customers need to be cared for or they will not return. Every member of your staff should be well trained and consistently welcome every guest with warm energy.

Customer Feedback

Every hotel manager should constantly strive to improve the guest experience. Ask every guest for feedback on their experience and make appropriate adjustments. A customer’s feedback –both negative and positive- is very valuable. Guests will also appreciate having their opinions recognized. Your garden of customers will flourish if you listen to – and accommodate – their desires.


A simple rewards program is not enough to make your property stand out from the crowd. Although you do need to reward loyalty, make it more personable with a “Thank you” gift, special travel packages or on-site benefits like a complimentary spa treatment. As a hotel you should invest in a efficient & easy to manage Property management system to provide personalized packages for a better customer experience. You may not be able to match exactly what a competitor is offering, but be sure that what you can offer is the best quality. After all, it’s the abundance of color not, the size of the garden that makes it beautiful.

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