Unlocking hotel success: Essential hotel reports you need
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Unlocking hotel success: Essential hotel reports you need

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

As a hotelier, monitoring your hotel's performance is paramount to ensuring smooth operations and maximizing revenue. In this context, reports are critical as they provide key insights into your hotel's operations, from housekeeping to finance, marketing, and guest preferences. In this blog, we will look at a few important reports that you must always have access to.

Here are some essential hotel reports

Housekeeping Report

This comprehensive report is an indispensable tool for housekeeping and front desk teams, facilitating the monitoring and resolving any discrepancies in room status. It provides an up-to-date overview of all tasks, guest requests, and complaints, organized by room and staff. Crucially, the housekeeping department should generate this report before and after each shift, ensuring that the current status of each room - whether occupied, vacant, or ready for new guests - is accurately reflected. This report is critical to maintaining smooth operations and ensuring guest satisfaction.

Night Audit Report

The night audit generates key reports for hotel management. These include individual room details, revenue breakdowns by the counter, per-room and Point of Sale (POS) outlet earnings, and tax collection specifics for each room and POS outlet. The report also covers cancellations, no-shows, and temporary reservations for the day. Additionally, it provides a night audit counter report, revenue report, tax report, and trial balance report, among other crucial documents.

Hotel Analytical Report

It allows you to analyze the revenue generated by each salesperson, track the total sales of an individual salesperson over a specific date range, and assess revenue based on market segments. Additionally, it includes reports on no-shows, occupancy, market analysis, company contributions, business analysis, MIS, and a manager flash report with budget details for comprehensive analysis. The Manager Flash Report offers a quick overview of the hotel's business, breaking down room and POS revenue over any chosen date range.

Hotel Financial Report

These reports encompass monthly summaries, Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR), detailed room reports, closing balance summaries, reports on deposits received, daily revenue, posting audits, Average Daily Rate (ADR), and individual guest folio pending balances. They provide comprehensive insight into the financial facets of your operations, sales, and marketing efforts.

Hotel POS Report

The Hotel Point of Sale (POS) report is essential for monitoring daily sales and revenue from each POS outlet, including bars, restaurants, gift shops, and spas. It highlights which outlets are giving you more non-room revenue. Additionally, it helps you identify popular POS items, allowing you to strategize and increase sales effectively.

Hotel Guest Report

This report encompasses a detailed guest history, storing every reservation, including guest names, contact information, nationality, previous stay records, and specific preferences like room choices or food and beverage selections. It includes the guest ledger, guest trial balance, guest history, sales by guest, and guest type reports.

Hotel Occupancy Report

It provides information on total occupancy, detailing rooms ready for your guests to occupy, those vacant and available for reservation, and rooms categorized as canceled/no-show, Do Not Rent (DNR), house use, day use, or complementary. The report also offers insights into occupancy percentages, Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR), and average rates.

Source of Business Report

This report provides detailed insights into every source of business your hotel receives, including walk-ins, direct bookings through your brand website, and indirect bookings via Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and Travel Agents (TAs). By analyzing this data, you can identify which sources contribute most to your business, aiding in the creation of a targeted and effective marketing plan.

Hotel Custom Report

It allows you to create customized hotel reports, such as daily or monthly occupancy, guest distribution by country, settlement summaries, customized folio lists, rate audits, tax details, current guest listings, daily business activities, and room booking statuses. These custom reports keep you continuously informed about the various aspects of your hotel's operations.

Benefits of these reports

Here they are...

Make informed decisions: Utilize hotel performance reports to refine pricing, promotions, and budget allocation strategies.

Identify trends: Monitor reports to detect patterns in occupancy, guest preferences, and booking sources, enabling proactive market adaptation.

Improve guest experiences: Analyze guest feedback from reports to customize services, ensuring memorable stays and repeat visits.

Increase operational efficiency: Use reports to pinpoint and streamline operational aspects like housekeeping, enhancing overall hotel functionality.

Optimize marketing strategy: Evaluate booking and demographic data to assess and adjust marketing tactics, ensuring target audience engagement.

Gain a competitive edge: Regularly reviewing hotel reports provides insights into your market position. It helps you develop pricing or marketing strategies in advance to outperform competitors.

However, it would be difficult to generate these insightful reports if you manually manage your property. So what's the solution? You must adopt a robust cloud-based Hotel Property Management System (Hotel PMS) that generates hundreds of such reports.