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Hotel Travel Agents

Hotelogix provides an integrated platform for hotels to manage their business relationship with Travel Agencies. With dedicated Travel Agent consoles, easy management of travel agent contracts, commissions, payments and credit limits is possible. Both hotel and the travel agents can concentrate on sales and reduce the time spent in coordinating accounts and reservation management.

Some of the key features for managing travel agents are as follows:

Maintaining Travel Agent Profiles

Manage Travel Agent accounts better by letting the system calculate the commissions, track pending payments and manage Travel Agent invoices. Hotels can reduce time spent over phone and email exchanges enquiring about commissions and more.

– Create accounts for different travel agencies and create multiple logins for agents working for them

– Automatic tracking of credit limit and payment terms as per the Travel Agent contract terms and validity period

– Maintain commissions – fixed or volume based. Commissions can also be set for POS Sales like excursions, spa and other activities

– Store Travel Agent credit card details on file for easy payments

Travel Agent Special Rates and Allotments

– Easily manage negotiated rates and packages for Travel Agents. Increase sales by releasing allotments, flash sales and special packages to travel agents.

– Create special travel agent rates and packages

– Manage inclusions , add-ons and special discounts for selective travel agents

– Customize your booking and cancellation policies selective to all or specific travel agents

– Decide on validity period of rates and packages

– Decide on any special commission on specific packages or default commission for travel agents as per contract

Travel Agent Console

Hotelogix Travel Agent Console

– Increase travel agent efficiency by providing dedicated travel agent console to travel agencies to manage bookings, payments and their accounts

– Make instant booking available to your travel agents. Availability and negotiated rates can be accessed by them in real-time through the online booking console

– Provide multiple logins for bigger travel agencies

– Easily select payment options of collecting payment from guest or travel agent

– Confirm reservation through credit card payments from Travel Agents, through guest credit card or bank transfers (Also Read: Are you Offering your Guests a Secure Payment Gateway?)

– Maintain ledger for Travel Agents to track pending payments, alert on reaching credit limit or late payments

– Instantly print confirmation vouchers. Guests get automatic confirmation mail

– Travel agent can easily manage cancellations, modification of guest details and more through the dedicated console instead of the cumbersome process of getting it done through calls and emails

– Travel Agents can track their booking collections and commissions and make online payments to the hotel anytime and from anywhere

Travel Agent Performance

View instant reports on revenue through travel agents over different periods, seasons and guest types. Re-negotiate travel agent contracts and rates depending on travel agent performance report.

Third Party API Support

Some specialized Travel Agents have their own online booking platforms. Hotelogix allows for integration with hotel reservation system and travel agent booking platform through third party API support making instant booking possible.

Hotelogix has a seamless, integrated system for managing your travel agent accounts, allowing for easy maintenance of accounts as well as instant and real-time information on availability and rates for travel agents. This results in improved efficiency, better relationship management and increased business for both the travel agents and hotels.

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