Touchless Hospitality

Touchless Hospitality: Upgrade Your Hotel To The New Normal


Touchless Hospitality: Upgrade Your Hotel To The New Normal

Hotel technology is often used to deliver exceptional guest experiences, and it is especially critical in these times to do so. Every hotelier in the business today is facing the same challenge- how to convince people that it is worth their time and money to travel?

The pandemic has also brought to light the need for touchless hospitality and contactless interactions. Upgrading to touchless technology in the hotel industry not only guarantees guest safety but also helps your staff deliver services efficiently.

Listed below are a few hospitality technology trends that serve as a solution to the growing post-pandemic safety needs and the associated shifts in expected guest behavior.

Touchless Hospitality Trends In Guest-Facing Technology

1. Using AI for Personalization: The ultimate goal of AI in guest-facing touchless hospitality technology is to provide guests with a personalized experience during their stay. Here are a few ways by which this can be accomplished with the Hotelogix PMS:

  • Collecting and analyzing guest data.
  • Mapping and identifying user preferences to curate more personalized packages and offers.
  • Flexibility and customization of the entire guest cycle.

2. Mobile Check-in and Check-out: Avoid long queues at the front desk to check-in/check-out. Having a mobile PMS enables hoteliers to configure their operations and processes with ease. This allows guests to directly check-in and check-out using their smartphone. Although leisure travel is picking up, social distancing and safety protocols continue to be important decision-making factors.

3. Contactless Payments: Contactless payments not only minimize guest interaction with staff, but they also augment other touchless hospitality trends such as contactless check-in and check-out. Hoteliers can be assured of additional security against cancellation when opting for online methods of payment. Having a PMS enables you to integrate your online payments across multiple channels such as Web Booking Engine, Front Desk, and POS outlets. Hotelogix’s full suite hospitality solutions go one step further and let you integrate third-party applications that you already use hassle-free.

4. Service Automation: Automating monotonous tasks helps to simplify hotel operations and reduce dependency on your staff. By leveraging technology, Hotelogix’s cloud-based property management system reduces the burden of sending confirmation emails, updating housekeeping status, performing night audits, etc. With the right PMS, you can also maximize your profits by optimizing room pricing and managing room inventory without any manual intervention.

5. Easy Market Distribution: 80% of hotel bookings are made online. Your hotel needs to be equipped with the latest touchless technology in the hotel industry to tap into this resource. Drive more commission-free bookings with a versatile, simple to use, and mobile-friendly web and Facebook booking engine. Manage room rates, bookings, and hotel inventory across multiple OTAs efficiently with an integrated best-in-class channel manager.

Touchless Hospitality Trends in Lobby Technology

Touchless tech in the hospitality industry is beneficial not just for your guests but also for your employees.

1. Remote Working Through Cloud: Social restrictions due to the coronavirus means that remote work would become the new norm for both safety and to limit the spread of the virus. Here’s where cloud technology comes in handy- work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. All you need is a Hotelogix account and any smart device with internet connectivity to enjoy the benefits of 24 x 7 accessibility.

2. Wireless Mobile Devices for Staff: Touchless hospitality also empowers your staff to be mobile. A traditional desktop-based PMS restricts staff to your front desk when instead they can be out and about focusing on guest needs. A mobile hotel management system takes care of this- multiple users can access the PMS through a user-friendly smartphone app. With the Hotelogix mobile hotel management system, you can speed-up front desk and housekeeping operations, manage multiple POS outlets from a single dashboard and predict trends through a large collection of customizable reports- all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

3. Virtual Personal Training and Support: Automated training, virtual certification, and contactless support are extremely important to facilitate touchless hospitality. By engineering an Automated Coaching Engine (ACE) Hotelogix augments virtual training with hands-on experience ensuring that your staff is industry-ready. In addition, our 24×7 support team is available to help you run your business without jeopardizing the bio-bubble.

4. Contactless Interdepartmental Communication: Streamline hotel operations with seamless communication between departments, control and assign tasks from a single dashboard, and sync work between all hotel departments in real-time. Efficiently manage multiple points of sale from a single dashboard and boost your non-room revenue.

5. Cyber Security: With hotel operations being moved online, and touchless tech in hospitality becoming the norm, one of the biggest concerns that most guests will have is about the safety of their personal information. Hotelogix PMS being a cloud-based PMS ensures the highest degree of security for its users. Credit card information cannot be accessed without proper authorization. Moreover, all guest information is GDPR compliant. As such, users can be sure that no information is accessed without the presence of a detailed audit trail to hold staff accountable.

The hospitality industry thrives on delivering customer-centric interactions and highly personalized experiences- all of which have become obsolete because of the coronavirus pandemic. With over 50% of hotels running a loss, most surviving businesses are reimaging ways to cut losses and bring back customers. A surefire way to do so was innovating ways to leverage technology to make guests feel safer. This is where touchless hospitality solutions come in-it not only assures travelers of hotel safety protocols but also focuses on service personalization and customer relations.

Hotelogix’s highly specialized touchless hospitality solution ensures that hotels can create a safe, engaging, and memorable stay for their guests without losing out on revenue or cutting profits. Train your staff with virtual certification and an automated coaching engine (ACE) to upscale skills to evolve with guest needs. In addition, with Hotelogix’s PMS, you can securely collect data and forecast trends to help you gather insights about changing guest preferences and behavior. Make insightful, data-driven decisions and set new benchmarks to survive the new normal. Optimize your services to better cater to the needs of your future guests and go touchless with Hotelogix.

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