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Read our Top 5 Popular Hospitality Industry Blogs for 2017 and set your hotel off for a successful year ahead

Prabhash Bhatnagar
Prabhash Bhatnagar

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The Hotelogix hospitality blogs are aimed to empower hotel owners with information relevant to this industry. As the year draws to a close, we take a quick look at some of the engaging and popular hospitality industry blogs that ranked high for hotel owners from around the world.

The year 2017, has been a fantastic mix of topics for our blogs section. While we share the latest in technology, trends, updates and advice in our hotel industry blogs, there were certain articles that gained attention by hotel owners.

Which were the most-read blogs in 2017? Let’s list the most popular hotel industry blogs that readers frequently perused and found informative in 2017.

Hotelogix Blogs: Top Hospitality blogs that can help your hotel in 2018

5 Travel Trends that will Transform the Hospitality Industry in 2018

Aditya Sanghi, CEO and Co-founder of Hotelogix outlined a glimpse of key travel trends in the hospitality industry for the year 2018. Points such as creating unique travel and local experiences, the changing role of travel agents and more were outlined in this blog. This was one of the top hospitality blogs that featured high on the reading list.

How to Avoid Hotel Overbookings

Room overbooking is a common problem faced by hoteliers who have not yet embraced cloud technology to manage their hotel operations. The team at Hotelogix outlines strategies and solutions in this hotel management blog to drive such overbooking nightmares away. Understand why they occur, how to manage multiple online travel agency (OTA) bookings and gain deeper insights in this blog.

4 ways a Boutique Hotel can get the most out of Personalisation Technology

The changing trends of the travel industry has led to the shift with travellers opting for boutiques hotels as compared to larger hotel groups. How important is personalization? Why should a hotel owner interact with a guest even after the stay is over? How can one enable smart rooms? More on this in the blog here.

Transform Guest Experience by Leveraging the Latest Hotel Technology Disruptions

Hotel owners can use technology to work towards enhancing guest experience and improve revenue. Hotel properties that exceed expectations of guests are often recommended and also end up with repeat visitors. Learn about 6 technologies that can enhance guest experience in hotels here.

10 Reasons to Implement Reputation Management Strategy for Your Hotel

The Internet has empowered guests to seek information of a hotel property from any corner of the world. With information available at the fingertips, reputation management is important for every hotel owner.This infographic is a clear indicator why proactive hotel management is calling hoteliers to play a bigger game.

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