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Top Evaluation Criteria for a Multi Property Group to Evaluate a PMS


Top evaluation criteria for a multi property group to evaluate a PMS_smallAs a multi-property group, it is essential to have a PMS which would not only suffice the requirement of a single property, but also manage the scale of operations and the centralized management. No matter how many properties you manage, you will be able to keep them all connected through an easy to use, multi-property cloud based PMS.

While deciding if a specific PMS is right for your multi-property group, it could be a great idea to look at a few checklist elements to make the decision a little easier and more appropriate.

Multi-property groups might like to look for a PMS that can:

  • Centralize control provisions for multi-properties’ distribution and reservations.
  • The Central reservation Office should be capable to do reservations for any member property real time.
  • Make the standardization of group practices simpler.
  • Manage room rates and special packages
  • Get group-wide reports & analytics.
  • Implement and leverage group contracts.
  • Easily connect to the central reservation system.
  • Enhance brand loyalty by sharing guest’s details and preferences across all member properties.

A PMS for a group property should be able to ensure that the cost of adding a new member hotel to the group is minimal and does not require any upfront hardware/ license costs. It ideally should allow a new member property to be added through a plug-n-play system without hassles.

The system should be intuitive and user friendly which would not require steep learning curve. The hospitality industry is often a victim of high attrition rates. Using tools/ systems which are easy to use helps to bring down complexity and training costs.

No matter how large or small your property group may be, you will be able to benefit from allowing a cloud PMS to take the lead with bookings and distribution. This streamlined system will free up your time so you can focus on your core business to ensure that your properties perform very well.