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5 Ways to Attract Women Travelers to Your Hotel


Hotels for women travelersIn the recent times, there has been an enormous growth in women traveling across the world. Whether it is for business or leisure, women have become a large segment of the market and hoteliers need to cater to them if they want to maximize their profits.

Many hotels are welcoming women travelers by introducing women-friendly amenities. From décor to toiletries, hoteliers are already making amendments to their hotels.

Businesswomen are one of the fastest-growing demographics in the travel industry, and about 85 percent of household purchase choices are made by women. With this growing power and large influence on the market, hotels are marketing to women more. Websites like even connect female business travelers from all across the world so they can rate female-friendly hotel brands. South East Asia has seen a rise in women travelers due to the scenic location, cultural attractions and most importantly, shopping.

Hoteliers are charting out strategies to attract more women travelers. Here are the top 5 things that your hotel can offer:

Safety: Women travelers often look for safety in terms of fire-exit, in-room safes and personal safety from intruders. Therefore, hotels should have solid safety measures like well-lit walkways, covered parking and deadbolts for doors.

Comfort: Unlike men travelers, women look for utmost comfort during their stay. Women prefer their room to be more colorful, well-lit, spacious and comfortable in terms of sleeping. Items like quality bedding and comfortable couches that make women feel more at home are highly valued.

Pampering: Women love being pampered and while on a trip, they often look for spas, massage services or meditation halls to relax and rejuvenate. Toiletries are the most attractive factor for women so having varieties in toiletries will work wonders for your hotel. Also, you can offer flavored coffee or tea in the room.

Low-fat Food – These days, many women are turning out to be weight conscious. Women always avoid oily food so hotels can offer low-calorie food options to them. Include fruits and cereals in the complimentary breakfast rather than having muffins or pancakes.

Fitness – Nowadays women are turning out to be health freaks so having a gym could be a very interesting amenity in your hotel. Hotels should include free weights, spinning equipment ort yoga stations for women rather than just focusing on heavy weight machines used for males.

Hyatt hotels have created the “Hyatt Has It” program where they stock everything a traveler might have forgotten to pack. Guests can borrow or purchase everything, from deodorant and nail polish to humidifiers or curling irons. Women are especially drawn to this program because they don’t want to remember every last toiletry item, and having those items available at the property just makes the entire trip less stressful. On the other hand, whenever hotels evolve their products and services, they should always keep this core market in mind.

As this new trend is kicking off the season with women travelers on the rise, it definitely becomes double work for the management to handle work whilst attending to the guests. Hotelogix offers Cloud PMS services that will help you streamline your operations thus helping your staff concentrate more on coming up with ideas to please the women travelers.

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