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8 Ways in Which Mobile Technology Streamlines Your Hotel Operation


Streamlining Hotel Operations through Mobile Technology

Ever received that kind of review which gets you to question the functioning of your hotel operations.

“It would have been helpful if we could have just done all the documentation during check-in over a system”.

“It would be great if all our basic requirements were considered before us having to make a call for it, like the wifi password, room service or all intimate tasks.”

The cornerstone of any well-managed hotel and the basis for a first-rate visitor experience is efficient operations. Although targeted marketing and digital personalization are crucial elements of a positive visitor experience, they are ineffective if the guest has to wait in a lengthy queue to check in a room that has been hurriedly cleaned, or repeatedly ringing for room service.

Although mobile technology is widely used and accessible, many hotel operations still rely on antiquated systems for team communication. Many strategies and ideas have been discussed to come up with ways to run all the hotel operations remotely and to enhance operations as well as staff performance in hotels to improve the guest experience. In the end, it was agreed that mobile team communication is the catalyst for achieving these objectives most effectively. This highlights the need for the inclination of hotels in building a software suite.

Now, the question arises about how a hotel could incorporate mobile technology to simplify and streamline operations to reach their goals set?

The way we train, evaluate, optimise, integrate, and manage enterprises across the corporate world is changing as a result of technology. Utilizing this technology on mobile devices has been one of the biggest trends of 2021–2022.

The hospitality sector does not differ from other sectors in this tendency. However, in the hotel industry, the phrases mobile and mobility have whole new connotations.

Mobile technology can provide a workable answer by enhancing the talent pool available to hotels and assisting them in making the most of their smaller teams.

Because of this, hoteliers must steer clear of outdated systems with challenging and cumbersome user interfaces. Older “Windows 95-style” operating systems are challenging to learn, cumbersome to operate on the hotel floor and limit a hotel’s pool of potential employees to those who can adapt to an outdated system.

What’s the alternative solution to this outdated system?

It’s adapting software as a service-based system, which utilises vibrant, user-friendly interfaces with simple “drag-and-drop” and “select-and-click” functionalities. Hotels may expand their talent pool and concentrate on hiring staff that excel at interacting with and servicing clients because employees can learn these techniques in a couple of days as opposed to weeks.

This way the staff can shift their focus to make necessary changes in guest experiences while completing one of the biggest goals of the hospitality industry, which is reaching maximum guest satisfaction.


According to various researches and surveys, a statistical piece of evidence shows that,

  • About 70% of tourists say that hotel mobile applications aid in choosing a reservation.
  • The use of a mobile device accounts for close to 70% of last-minute reservations.
  • A whopping 74% of visitors said they would rather make reservations and get additional information through a hotel application.
  • 88 per cent of hotel visitors want access to a mobile app that can provide them with a customised experience.

Now let’s look at some of the mobile technology strategies that will help streamline the hotel operations:

1. A non–contact welcome:

The number of guest touchpoints has significantly decreased as a result of COVID, which has altered the hotel business. This resulted in the hoteliers adopting contactless services but to deliver this level of hospitality, you must invest in the tools that ensure minimal touch with your visitors and their things.

By using cloud-based hotel management software, an all-in-one solution which helps automate all the hotel operations as well as strategizes to improve the revenue rates. This also means that these long queues at the front desk can be removed. The front desk isn’t even necessary in certain hotels, which have gone as far as to allow visitors to check into and out of their rooms using an app. Hotelogix is another cloud-based software that helps all the hotels achieve the same by automating their hotel operations.

2. Better accessibility:

Accessibility to your hotel becomes difficult when you are not physically present and available for every other operation that takes place. That’s where this cloud-based software becomes a huge help in terms of being able to track every hotel operation that takes place and is in coordination with all the other departments with any reports of trouble.

You would be able to know all the updates about your hotel just via all the updates on the app.

3. Integrated system:

Through the hotel PMS, it’s easier to track all the check-ins and check-outs, even all the payments pending or made.

It’s not even necessary to have a huge system with you every time to organise.

You just need any source of technology that has an internet connection. So you can use your mobile phone too, even not a laptop.

4. Guest Expectations:

Using property management software may be quite helpful in noting the requests made for a certain room number or restaurant table. Everything will be kept for you, so there is no room for error.

In addition to this Synchronisation is important because notifications are sent to other members of the system when one person makes changes. This means that the task update is instantly forwarded to the department in charge of completing that particular request and is implemented as soon as possible.

5. Better Payment Methods:

Cashless payments have been playing a vital role in every industry, especially in hospitality. This method has managed to set in all kinds of customers as well as with the functioning of businesses.

Using a software-based system to keep track of all the payments is better than the conventional techniques to calculate money and manage your finances. These software-based systems will make things easier for all the hoteliers.

6. Employee Coordination:

With all the hotel operations organised, it is easier to establish coordination among all the employees from all kinds of departments.

This increases the efficiency of the work in less time and avoids confusion and conflicts between employees or departments and in turn, positively impacts your guest satisfaction.

7. Division of work:

There will always be a certainty at your workplace if jobs are distributed among employees. Ensuring that jobs are automatically distributed among your management personnel with the use of mobile technology is crucial.

This can be done, through personalized login access for all the staff members, this way they can keep track of all the pending or the assigned tasks. This leads to faster implementation of the tasks and lets the employer keep track of the staff’s performances.

It’s all about honest work, isn’t it?

8. Changes in the Check-ins and Check-outs:

Everything at the front desk, from check-in to check-out, has to be organised so that your visitors feel free during their whole stay.

Investing in a mobile device to use a scanner improves check-in and makes it simple, fast, and contactless.

Hotel PMS doesn’t just help you keep track of your check-ins and check-outs but also keeps all your guests on the same page about their payments and services.

In conclusion, many elements contribute to the friendly ambience in the hospitality sector, including the team and the well-coordinated services working with ease, so the clients can use these services.

To reach a goal, hotels must adopt mobile technologies in order to convey this feeling of comfort. Otherwise, over time, these processes become complicated and time-consuming.

Remote workers and crucial on-site staff are easily connected by Hotelogix’s cloud-based hotel management software. It assists you in streamlining processes, increasing output, and removing obstacles that could otherwise frustrate visitors.

Able to see how mobile technology has taken over the industry, benefiting both the hoteliers and the guests with all the operations?

Hotelogix is your answer to the next steps that you want to take…