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Top 5 Reasons Why PMS and Channel Manager Should Inter-Operate


PMS and Channel Manager Should Inter-OperateSome things just need more than one helping hand. The chaos and importance of what goes on at the front desk of a hotel definitely needs some assistance if the property has to be run smoothly. With an integrated channel manager and property management system (PMS), managing the room inventory of your property will be a breeze.

By integrating these two systems, your property will benefit from:

  1. Mitigated human error.

No one is perfect and when employees are inputting numerical data it is easy to make a mistake or a typo. With automated inputs across all mediums, there is less room for error.

  1. Maximized bookings.

When the channel manager and PMS are paired, the room bookings are organized and up-to-date so you don’t have to worry about over booking and you increase your ability to maximize bookings.

  1. Increased efficiency.

With the channel manager and PMS taking care of the front desk logistics, your staff will be able to attend to other tasks throughout the property like ensuring that guests have the best stay possible.

  1. No rate parity issues.

All channels are updated in real time, so there is never any confusion about price. Across the board, your messaging and pricing will be consistent.

  1. Easy blocking/unblocking of rooms.

You will be able to track and see what rooms have been reserved for a group and plan bookings accordingly. If a group won’t be using one or more of the rooms, simply unblock them to open them up to other guests so no space is lost.

Integrating the two systems is a simple step to take, but it will greatly improve the functioning of your property. With an organized and modern front desk, your staff will be able to attend to guests and put in the type of work that will make your property the best it can be.