Top Hotel Technology Trending Blogs of 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, we are thrilled to share with you some of our favorite blogs from this year. What’s awaiting you in here are some of the best-in-class articles on key pointers that will empower you to become a successful hotelier. Learn more on how you can go about increasing your hotel’s occupancy during low seasons, simple ways to increase you, to how you can prevent no-shows and cancellations, and so much more.
Let’s get right into it!

1. Tech trends for 2018:

This was one of the most popular blogs in which we had predicted what technological trends hoteliers could expect from 2018. In retrospect, we see that most of what we had expected was realized. In the ten years that we have ruled the cloud-based Property Management system space, we have garnered enough experience and expertise in this matter to be able to assess the success and potential of trends.

2. Social Media strategies for hotels:

With the ever-growing addiction to social media, hospitality is no exception when it comes to cashing in on this rage. In this blog we’ve discussed some of the most effective social media marketing strategies and tips for hoteliers to explore and benefit from. Go ahead… Check it out and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

3. Tips to increase hotel revenue during low occupancy season:

While occupancy is a perennial challenge for hotel owners of all property-sizes, this is particularly challenging during the low seasons. What can you do to increase occupancy during such seasons? Here’s a quick guide on tips you can implement to increase occupancy and revenue during times of lull.

4. 8 simple ways to increase hotel direct bookings:

A lot has been said and done about increasing hotel direct bookings, but how many of these strategies are actually effective? That aside, how many are simple enough to be implemented right away? Here’s a comprehensive list of 8 simple and easy-to-implement ways by which you can increase your hotel’s direct bookings.

5. 5 ways to reduce no-shows and cancellations at your hotel:

No-shows and cancellations can cost hotel’s dearly. This is especially common when you work with OTAs since there’s no cancellation policy that the guests have to bear! This being the case, can you fix this issue? Yes. You can. Find out everything about how you can reduce no-shows and cancellations and save on a ton of money right here.

6. Blockchain Technology and its uses in the Hospitality industry-

Blockchain technology has really taken the world by storm in a very short span of time. Its applications are several and quite diverse. Many industries have explored the potential of this disruptive technology. But can the hospitality industry really benefit from it? In this article, we discuss how blockchain can be used in our space and how it can benefit us.

7. How sports can help you become a better entrepreneur- CEO diaries –

Be it a co-founder of a start-up or a hotel owner, there are challenges that are common to all entrepreneurs that go beyond industries, verticals and ring true to everyone. In this piece, our CEO, Aditya Sanghi, throws light on how his exposure to sports from a very early age prepared him to tackle the challenges that came with setting up his own start-up. This one is bound to strike a chord with you and provide some food for thought. Check it out!

8. 8 motivational TED talks every hospitality professional needs to watch-

Every now and then, it pays to sit back and pay attention to what industry experts from around the world have to say. It helps us unlearn a few things that we may have been blindly practicing or following and get a fresh perspective on otherwise mundane issues. In this blog, we’ve put together 8 amazing TED talks that is relevant to every hospitality professional, the world over. If you haven’t already seen this one, we’d say your time to sit back and pay attention starts now!

9. 10 reasons Hotelogix is the best PMS for your hotel-

2018 is a very special year for us, at Hotelogix. We live in a time when start ups pop up with a bang but fail to keep it going. We treat it with utmost humility, but also with a sense of pride, that Hotelogix has completed 10 years successfully in a space as competitive as hospitality tech! And if tens of thousands of properties across the world trust our platform, we believe we have the best-in-class solution. If you are looking for a cloud PMS, here are 10 reasons why you should choose Hotelogix.

10. 7 practical benefits of an offsite- from our start-up to your’s-

In celebration of our 10-year anniversary, Hotelogix organized a massive reunion of all its employees from all over. We use the term “offsite” as an umbrella term but it was a party that lasted 3 long days, filled with joy, nostalgia, pride, unity and a sense of belonging. We took back a lot of lessons from the offsite and we believe it is but necessary that we share them with you as well. Read on!

Top Hotel Technology Trending Blogs of 2018