secrets-in-the-pms-softwareEach hotel property is unique and requires different strengths in its property management system (PMS). But one thing most hotel owners can agree on is the ease and performance of a cloud-based PMS. With cloud software, property owners are at ease to focus their resources and attention on other areas of the property and make their hotel even better than before. Many owners who see their competitors boosting their bookings and appearance, find that the secret is to make the switch to a  cloud PMS which can integrate with online distribution channels

Cloud based Property Management Systems offer:

1. Efficient updates

 You won’t have to track and purchase software updates like you did with your legacy PMS. Cloud software is run on the Internet, so updates can be set to run automatically, as and when they are made available.

2. Affordability

The low initial investment can be a big advantage especially when you want to spend money on items that directly enhance guest experience.. Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep up with the costs and investments necessary for using a legacy system. With a cloud PMS you won’t be watching your money get wasted but reap rich dividends and benefits. You will save time and money thanks to the efficiency and simplicity of the cloud software.

3. Remote access

 As an owner, you need to have access to all the important data and functioning of your property, but you do not want to spend 24 hours a day and seven days a week at your front desk. With the ability to access your platform remotely, you will be able to complete all the necessary tasks quickly from any location.

4. No training needed

With legacy PMS, there are multiple parts and hardware components that take a lot of specialized training or a hired technician to care for. When working on a cloud-based PMS, the front desk staff will be able to easily navigate the platform.

5. Secure data

 On a cloud PMS you don’t have to worry about lost data when the power goes out or your server malfunctions. Data is automatically backed up in a secure facility with 24-hour monitoring.

Minimalistic, easy user-ability and high performance is what a cloud based PMS offers in comparison to Legacy property management systems. Keeping up with the latest technology trends designed to assist you to manage your property efficiently, gives you an invaluable boost to stay ahead of your competitors. The secret is simple but powerful, cloud-based PMS is the way to go and with Hotelogix’s cloud based PMS you are efficient, secure, empowered and gladly trouncing your competitors!