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aditya sanghi

Interested in Maximizing your Hotel’s Reviews?

Aditya Sanghi
Aditya Sanghi
In the ever-competitive hotel industry, online reputation and reviews play a major role in influencing travelers. The higher the quality and quantity of the reviews, the higher the chances will…
atg global consumer trend

How can hotels use technology for better guest experience?
In the previous blog, I shared tips on how hotels can engage with their guests prior to their arrival to provide a great experience and build a long-term relationship. Let’…

SEO tips for hotels to attract travelers
In continuation to my previous blog ‘Tips to attract travelers to your hotel’ that highlighted the importance of social media and review media sites, this blog dwells on the importance…
advertising tips for eco-friendly hotels

Simple and doable marketing tips for your green hotel
PhoCusWright’s research suggests that more than 40 percent of travelers consider the environment when making travel choices while almost a third will pay top dollar for eco-friendly options. Eco-friendly…