Marketing tips for eco-friendly hotelsPhoCusWright’s research suggests that more than 40 percent of travelers consider the environment when making travel choices while almost a third will pay top dollar for eco-friendly options.

Eco-friendly hotels are growing in popularity in the hotel industry as there is a steep rise in green travelers. Most hotels including big brands and SME segment are adopting various green practices to save the environment and attract the right kind of guests to their hotel.  (Read: Green is in! Is your hotel prepared?).

While big brands have the budget and resources to market their property, the small and independent green hotels can market themselves using simple ideas that won’t burn a hole in their pockets.

Here’s sharing some tips that will help you position your hotel better:

Make green practices your selling point: If your hotel uses solutions like less energy, less wastage, recycled materials or chemical free solutions, then you can market your property using these terms. When compared to the traditional methods, these selling points act as a big differentiator to the hotel. They can be used on various platforms like social media, leaflets, flyers, mailers and business cards. Also, promote your green services – be it biodegradable soaps, organic food or bicycles for guests to commute to short distances.

Advertise using the green logos: Make use of the eco-friendly logos or signs such as recycle, energy saving, water saving and more in your marketing collaterals and other platforms. Your hotel can also design a custom logo which will act as a marketing communication of your green offering. Visual logos appeal more to the onlookers and can help in easily identifying your hotel as a green property.

Printing on recycled paper, business cards and other marketing communications is an easy way to demonstrate that your hotel is environment conscious.

Opt for online marketing over print: Online marketing through banner ads is any day better than print ads like hoardings as it produces no waste or negative impact on the environment. Printed ads are expensive and non-ecofriendly.

Hotels should also put an end to printed coupon mailers and focus on building email database. This will help save the environment due to less wastage of paper and act as an effective way for small hotels to reach out to their guests. (Also Read: Simple green tips for hotels)

Mobile app: According to a report by CWT (Carlson Wagonlit Travel), mobile bookings are going to steadily increase to account for 25% of online bookings by 2017. So, if you have the budget, it’s ideal to invest in a mobile app that can highlight all your niche practices such as energy conservation, recycling, eco-friendly offers and packages. The mobile app can be used to push these initiatives, offers to the guests and you could also integrate a booking engine for the on-the-go bookers.

Tie-up with green organizations: Collaborate with green organizations that help save environment and promote green services.

Get listed on TripAdvisor: Promote your hotel on TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders Programme that showcases all eco-friendly hotels to guests.

Positioning a hotel as eco-friendly is a marketing gimmick in itself but marketers have to identify the best practices that will help them advertise their property better to the travelers. You can put the above mentioned practices in use and do let me know how it worked for you.

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