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Switching to a New Property Management System? – How to Make it Less Stressful and Less Disruptive

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
It is natural that having a property management system installed for the first time in your hotel or upgrading to a better property management system can potentially be quite disruptive for its day to day business routine. The change can be quite disruptive for your guests and executives as well. All this will also depend on the quality of system you’re planning to install.
Further, you’ll need to prepare your team, organizationally and mentally to ensure that the switch is less stressful and disruptive for everyone involved. It is important that you get everyone excited about the new system during the preparation stage, which begins at the time of evaluation and continues into the implementation and training phases of the new system.
Some important factors that may possibly affect the urgency or timing of implementation of new system are:
–          The present system is obsolete and needs replacement.
–          The Franchise agreement of the hotel is ending or the hotel is going its own way and needs and new property management system.
–          You’re opening an absolutely new hotel/resort and need a hospitality management system for it.
Once you’ve made the decision about purchasing a property management system, the vendor will help you in planning, evaluation and implementation process.
One such efficient property management system available in the market is Hotelogix, which is one of the easiest to get started with and allows for seamless management of Housekeeping, Multiple POS’s, Regional Offices, Restaurants, Front desk, Credit Cards, Reservations and even the hotel’s website on a unified platform.