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Smart Practices: Get Creative on Rates with a Powerful Hotel Reservation Software


Hotel Reservation SoftwareToday’s traveller is very well-informed, and an hotelier should never make the mistake of underestimating them. Not only does the traveller check rates of various hotels in a particular destination before finalizing one, but he also checks the rates of the same property across various portals to see which shall give him the best rate.

An hotelier’s job becomes that much harder, first of all he has to keep monitoring and juggling all his rates across various distribution channels. They then have to create that little extra experience, because nowadays guests want various options; they want packages, extra perks, and special rates on weekdays vis-a-vis weekends etc. Keep in mind that hotels have several room categories, so all these extra features have to be applied across various room categories with different room tariffs, not to mention that sometimes it needs to be applied on group bookings also. So one of the options left to the hotelier is to have one person sitting in front of their computer all day monitoring rates and packages across numerous distribution channels or else they opt for Property Management System which has a powerful reservation feature.

A Smart Rate management feature should include:

  • Season management for multiple years along with intermediate special periods
  • Flexible user definable “Season Type” tags
  • Universal Rates & Package master to setup Rate with unlimited inclusive services
  • Easy to manage Inclusive rate Add-ons
  • Define separate Rates for different distribution channels, Travel Agents & Corporate quickly
  • Create Negotiated Rates and Custom Packages
  • Define Multiple channel based traces for rate change based on seasons and special periods
  • Add promotional discounts, free nights and bulk booking discounts
  • Intelligent & configurable Occupancy based, Last minute & Early bird discounts
  • Easily control or selectively close and publish rates for specified periods
  • Track bookings, commissions and account receivables through extensive reports.
  • Centralized Rate Management. To define your one rate and let the system calculate and publish rates across channels based on type of commission and amount of commission

Hotelogix has an excellent Rate Manager which helps in managing multiple rates and packages clubbed with add-on services which help control ARR’s and run the hotel’s promotional offers and campaigns. This is an ideal solution for small and mid-sized hotels. Hotelogix’s rate management software gives a hotel, immense flexibility as well as control, while designing rates and packages for different room types and on different dates. Not only that, the software enables easy distribution of the room inventory to a wide variety of distribution channels instead of them having to be juggled individually. Hotelogix will let the hotel define rates with each inclusive element & add-on services attached, and then automatically maintain its effect on flow of monies to relevant departments/POS.

So the choice is now yours; which smart practice do you want your hotel to opt for?