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Smart Practices: 3) Managing the Hotel Front Desk with Cloud Based Reservation System


Cloud Based PMSThe backbone of any hotel is their Front Desk, this is the nerve centre that provides and manages information for the whole hotel and can ensure either a smooth running operation or utter chaos. Small and mid-sized hotels tend to have one person manning the Front Desk. This individual needs to be someone who can multi-task, is resourceful, proactive and can handle stressful situations………not a very easy find.

What if there was a solution to assist the Front Manager, something that can help streamline his work and at the same time enhance productivity? A tool or product that can basically simplify the tasks involved of managing the Front Desk.

The smart way to go here is to opt for cloud based PMS for your hotel and Hotelogix has the perfect solution, their Frontdesk property management software is easy to use and can assist in increasing sales and driving revenue.

So how does it work? How can Hotelogix’s Frontdesk software help the hotel to organize their day better?

  • Reservations can be made directly on the software so check-in and check-out lists can be kept handy anytime during the day
  • The hotel front desk software has several features which can help customize bookings such as applying multiple room rates, booking on different dates, group bookings and applying their special requests.
  • Interactive visual matrix of all rooms are accessible along with the details of the guest in case rooms are booked
  • Reservations can be easily edited with regard to room changes, date changes etc.
  • Shifts can be managed through the software and opening and closing balances are accounted for
  • Frontdesk can even manage spa bookings with regard to treatments and space categories.

All these features and more, help the Front Desk to effortlessly manage and organize their day. The time management ensures that more focus can be made towards driving revenue and increasing sales of rooms instead of being overtaxed with daily operations.