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Share the Wealth of Cloud Based PMS with the Rest of your Hotel Group


Cloud based PMSPeople who didn’t grow up in the tech-age may think that trusting a figurative “cloud” based PMS with invaluable information and data is nonsensical. What if it’s hacked? What if it disappears? What happens if you can’t retrieve it? But in reality, cloud systems are extremely secure and save time, space, money and countless frustrations when working with a property management system.

While cloud-based property management systems are a huge help to small hotels and boutique properties, they also help on a larger scale with companies that manage groups of hotels and need structure for a large number of properties. These hotel groups have the concerns and responsibilities of single hotel managers multiplied several times – and are hence in even greater need of a helping hand. If you find the secret to success, you’re going to tell your friends and family. So share the wealth of cloud PMS with the rest of the hotel group and bring your whole hotel family up to adequate speed.

When properties are scattered over distributed geographies, a cloud based hotel PMS allows managers to access data from each property without having to visit each one in person. With a cloud PMS, managers can pull information from the front desk without ever visiting the actual front desk. They can combine multiple reports for each location and compare rates and bookings side-by-side on one platform. Creating an even standard of service across the board for all of your properties is key to a great business model. When each property is as organized, well managed, clean and welcoming as the next, your entire hotel group will begin to rise in the ranks of well-respected hotels, by guests and the industry alike.