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Is your Hotel PMS holding you back or enabling you to do more for your hotel chain?

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Is your Hotel PMS holding you back or enabling you to do more for your hotel chain?

Let’s forget the hubbub around the emergence of several hospitality technology solutions. We will get back to it later. Can you pause for a while and think of some of the critical operational advantages you have witnessed with your current Hotel Property Management System (Hotel PMS)? If you are struggling to list some of them, your hotel management software is undoubtedly restricting your abilities and holding you back from running your chain hotel with utmost efficiency.

Are you still in love with a legacy hotel PMS?

In this era of cloud technology, if you think that an outdated legacy hotel system can run the show for you, you need to look at competitors who are already ahead of you. You will find the answer – a cloud-based enterprise-grade Hotel PMS. This piece will put together a few yet operationally vital areas and see if your existing legacy software addresses them to help run your hotel chain operations successfully.

Is it saving costs for you?

The answer would be – of course, NO. It is impossible to save costs with an on-premise system as it warrants heavy upfront investment on servers, IT staff, AMC costs, and many other things. These are all expensive factors that eat into your profits.

But if you migrate to an efficient multi-property management system, you will have nothing to worry about. A modern cloud hotel software is the best option for your multi-property operations. And yes, modern technology is not always costly. You can adopt one of these with an affordable one-time setup cost, less subscription/zero license fees, no long-term contract, and free software updates. Moreover, it helps you save more as you will not have to spend on buying a server and setting up IT infrastructures and resources.

Can you access your Hotel PMS on the go?

It will never happen with your on-premise hotel software. This means, when you are not at your property, you won’t get to know your hotel status. Not having this capability in this age of ‘mobility’ will severely hamper your decision-making potential on the go, at the right time.

However, if you adopt a cloud hotel software, you can access the same via a simple browser or from your smartphone. You don’t have to be at your property to know KPIs like room availability, check-ins/checkouts/expected arrivals for the day, and many more. It is all about running your hotel chain operation from your smartphone from anywhere you want to.

Does it safeguard your guest data?

No? We knew it. Obsolete systems can’t protect your hotel data from the new-age, sophisticated cyber threats. However, to address this issue, you need a cloud hotel software. A cloud hotel PMS secures your guest data at absolutely safe data centers. Plus, with redundancy and failover mechanism in place, your data gets backed up constantly, ensuring almost zero downtime and data loss. Oh, by the way, we all know how devastating the guest data leakage could be, right? So, why are you sitting duck? Just go for the right one, now.

What about centralized control over your multi-property operations?

Centrally managing your properties across locations is one of the biggest challenges, and there is no way an archaic hotel application can help you with this. It is not just intelligent and agile enough to execute such complex tasks. Such restrictions could limit your revenue potential and even compromise your guest experience.

But what if you have a hotel PMS that is on the cloud? With a single sign-on, centrally managing operations across all the properties will be a breeze. If you integrate with a revenue management solution, you can implement the right pricing strategy for all your member properties. From travel agents and corporate profiles to guest history and rooms, access and manage everything in real-time. You can also have your Central Reservation Office (CRO) manage all offline and online bookings for your hotel chain.

Does it help you sell more, increase occupancy, and earn more revenue? Plus, are you able to avoid double booking and overbooking?

Even if you don’t say the answer aloud, we know that it is a big NO. It’s a known fact that a legacy PMS will integrate seamlessly with a channel manager solution that is also on the cloud. And if that doesn’t happen, then all your efforts to sell more rooms via online channels like OTAs, GDS, travel agents, social media booking page, and even your web booking engine will never get you the desired result. To get to the point quickly, your rates and availabilities will never get updated across all the sales channels in real-time without this integration. This would lead to overbooking and double booking, resulting in guest dissatisfaction and loss of business opportunities.

On the other hand, if you opt for a cloud-based hotel software, things will be a little easier for you. There will be a 2-way flow of information from your Hotel PMS to other sales channels. Most importantly, the update will be instant and in real-time. Since your guests get to see and buy what is available, there is no chance of you getting into the troubles of overbooking or double booking.

Is it wise enough to help you understand guest sentiment?

No, it is not. Because getting a legacy hotel PMS with a cloud-based online reputation management solution is a challenging task. The integration may happen, but you may not leverage the power of this integration to the maximum extent.

Now such integrations are faster and flawless with a cloud hotel PMS system. It enables you to know and track what your guests are saying about you across hotel review sites. Get actionable guest sentiment analytics to understand them better. Respond to each of them carefully to make them feel valued. If your guests feel valued, you are set to go a long way in this service-facing industry. Plus, your happy guests become your brand ambassadors. Positive guest reviews influence others’ booking decisions.

How about instant ROI?

Well, considering your answers in ‘negative’ to all the questions mentioned above, achieving instant ROI for your hotel chain with a server-based application looks like a distant dream. But this too will be taken care of by a cloud Hotel PMS. With increased room sales coming through online sales channels, your website, enhanced ADR ​and RevPAR powered by automated dynamic pricing, and improved non-room revenue by multiple POS outlets, you are sure to witness instant ROI.

Are you now convinced that your Hotel PMS should help you grow and shouldn’t hold you back from doing what you need to do for an efficient hotel chain operation? Review the power of Hotelogix cloud Hotel PMS, the all-in-one, comprehensive hotel software with all the features you require to ensure top-notch multi-property operations.

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