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Are Robots the future of hotel industry?


Robots in Hotel Industry

Robots in the hospitality industry? 50 years ago people would have scoffed at the idea, but now at the rapid pace in which technology is changing, this has become very much a reality.

Hotels across the globe have started experimenting with using robots and AI as part of the guest experience in their hotel.

Hilton Mclean in Virginia, USA has partnered with IBM and is using ‘Connie’, the hospitality industry’s first robot butler as the hotel’s concierge. Connie provides basic information such as the spa and gym timings, location of the nearest bank, things to do as well as personalised information for a consumers needs.

Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki, Japan, has a front desk staffed by robots that monitor the check-ins and check outs and respond to the queries of their guests.

Aloft in Cupertino, Silicon Valley hired ‘Botlr’, a robotic butler to help relieve the front desk staff.

Sounds interesting but is it personalised? One of the basis of a good experience at a hotel is the personalised and attention to detail service that a guest enjoys during their stay, that shall pretty much conclude whether a guest shall frequent the property or not.

Well the robot may not smile or have the ‘human’ touch, but hotels as well as the creators of the robots can monitor on how the robots are being received by the guests. Analysis can help create keyword alerts that can enable hotels to track and monitor online reviews that a guest posts related to the robots.

Robots are actually more efficient than humans in recognizing images, faces and speeches which can help them recall details of the guests checking in. Robots definitely improve efficiency, reduce costs thereby increase revenues for the hotel but they can also ensure that a guests personal needs are taken care off.

Robots can enhance the guests experience but they won’t be a replacement to the ‘human touch’. For a great experience the robots still need to have the guiding hands of the humans to ensure that the guest is well taken care of.

Robotics in hospitality industry