Bed and Breakfast GDS Night audit

Patong Beach Bed and Breakfast Hotel on ‘cloud’ after opting for Hotelogix

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Patong Beach Bed and Breakfast hotel is a mid-sized property hotel with 15 rooms, located in Thailand. The hotel recognized the need of having ‘anywhere and anytime access’ to their property system and hence they were looking for a cloud based platform. The ‘easy to adopt’ and ‘simple to use’ friendly feature of the system is catalytic to the operations of the hotels.

The aim was to look for a cost effective solution that would provide them all the features needed, including security of the data. Patong Beach Bed and Breakfast hotel staff needed only two hours of training for the front office staff, and within days the owner’s and the other departments to learn all the software functions. They saved on IT costs as there is no professional required on board. The Hotelogix high quality support is there for any query 24/7. With Hotelogix, they received transparent reports, which was available every day as a recap of the business in the form of ‘Night audit.

The smooth and efficient management of the reservations at the front desk office is first of its kind to be initiated by Hotelogix. Also an added benefit is the Web Booking Engine, which supports the group bookings with multiple packages to offer. The extensive Housekeeping management and unlimited Point of Sale terminals, is also a ‘wow’ factor in the system. Hotelogix moves a step further, by extending the market reach with a powerful Web Booking Engine that integrates with the hotels’ website, gets listed on thousands of Online Travel Portals across the world with its GDS Connect.

Data Security has always been a priority for the mid and small sized hotels. With technological advancement, the way hotel functions and stores information are priceless and threat to these data indeed is a big concern for any hotel. As the threat for the data loss increases so does the cost involved in recovering it. This in turn has a direct impact on the finance of the company and might damage the brand as well. So, Hotelogix played a pivotal role in assuring the security of the prized data to the hotel. 

Hotelogix featured all important reports for better control over the business. Patong Beach Bed and Breakfast is now able to check all the operations such as the sales, marketing and finance department from any point of the world and can plan the strategy accordingly. More and more hotel establishments are now opting for web based property management systems like Hotelogix to provide an additional data security layer, with added features which are simple to use.