Some more advantages of using Hotelogix as your property management system are –
Low Pricing
Hotelogix is easily one of the most affordable property management systems available in the market. The customer can choose to:
–          Pay a one-time reasonable fee and then pay never again for using the system
–          Pay nothing until the time of starting to receive reservations
–          Pay an affordable monthly subscription cost that includes round-the-year support and setting up and regular use of the property management system

No expenditure on training
Hotelogix is such an easy to use property management system that you’ll save on your current training expenses significantly. Further, since the implementation is carried out via web or telephone, there is no investment on that as well. In addition:
–          You’ll receive 24 hour live support which will ensure that all your concerns are queries are addressed without delay
–          Running and using the system is as easy as switching on your computer and opening up your web browser

Minimum IT Expertise
Not only is Hotelogix a very reliable technology solution, it also provides more freedom to the hotel operators. In simple terms, it is a highly dependable and quick property management system. It has a very intuitive interface, resulting in ease of use, even in case of first time users and users with minimum IT expertise. Following are some reasons why:
–          Graphic User Interface (GUI) that is best in the business and extends reach to room sales and distribution worldwide
–          Graphical display has direct updates which minimizes the need of using various menu options or typing too much
–          Occupancy and booking status can be viewed in visual format at all times
–          Main features and menu buttons are available upfront leading to optimization of the workflow
–          The user can make himself/herself available customized transaction details to facilitate better control