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Movies to Play for Your Hotel Guests


Movies hotels can play for their guestsFor a traveller, one of the biggest grievances is not having anything good to watch on TV after they get back to the hotel. They’ve had a grueling day, don’t want to step out but unfortunately they can’t sleep and there is absolutely nothing good on TV.

This is the perfect opportunity for a hotel to be proactive and go the extra mile for their guests. Stock up on a collection of some memorable movies; keep a balance between some all-time classics as well as recent blockbusters so that you have options available, and you shall have some really grateful guests.

Hotelogix suggests some of the iconic movies that will impress your guests:


An absolute classic, which people all across the globe still love watching. “Here’s looking at you Kid”, “We shall always have Paris”, “Louis, I think this is the beginning of beautiful friendship” are quotes from the movie which have been featured in the top 100 movie quotes by the American Film Institute, and the movie has consistently ranked top on lists of greatest movies of all times.

Casablanca is story of a man (Humphrey Bogart) in World War II, torn between, love and virtue. He must choose between his love for a woman (Ingrid Bergman) and helping her Czech Resistance leader husband escape the Vichy-controlled Moroccan city of Casablanca to continue his fight against the Nazis.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

This is a brilliantly directed movie with an epic star cast. It’s about the adventures of Gustave H. (Ralph Fiennes), a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. The story involves the theft and recovery of an invaluable Renaissance painting and the battle for an enormous family fortune. The movie has an excellent star cast comprising of Adrian Brody, Jeff Goldblum, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum and many more.

The Hangover         

The Hangover rewrote the global expectations of what can happen in a Bachelor Party. It’s a hilarious movie which is funny, light and a great way to unwind after a long day.The Hangover

The movie is about three friends, Stu, Phil and Alan travelling to Las Vegas for a bachelor party to celebrate their friend, Doug’s soon to happen wedding.  However the next day, Phil, Stu and Alan have no memory whatsoever of the previous night’s events and have seem to have lost the Groom.  The incidents that follow are hysterical, infuriating, entertaining and at times completely bizarre.

It’s a Wonderful Life

What starts off as a grim movie is actually a beautiful story about how we take the little things we do in life for granted, and not realize how we are able to impact the lives of those around us.It’s a Wonderful Life

The movie revolves around a small town man, Gerge Bailey, whose life seems so desperate that he contemplates suicide. As he prepares to jump from a bridge, his guardian angel intervenes and shows him what the life of those around him would have been if he had never existed. The guardian angel shows that how George’s actions enabled his brother to study further, his family from going bankrupt, prevented a medical shop owner from making a hazardous mistake which could have imprisoned him for life and so much more.Ironically enough what starts of as a depressing movie, actually leaves the viewer with a completely feel good mood, and that’s why year after year it is always shown on American networks during Christmas time.


A movie collection cannot be complete if it doesn’t feature at least one really good thriller. And it just can’t get better than Se7en.This has got to be one of the most well-crafted and magnificently directed movies with a completely unexpected ending.Se7en

The story is about 2 detectives brilliantly portrayed by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, who are desperately trying to solve the case of a sadistic serial killer whose meticulously choreographed murders are based on the seven deadly sins; gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, pride, lust and envy.Just be sure to warn your guests that this movie is not for the faint hearted.

The Harry Potter Series

The movie franchisee that took the world completely by storm and created iconic characters. Few can resist a fantastic world with magic, wizardry, dragons, flying broomsticks, and imagery delights. This movie shall cater to guests from all ages; adults enjoy the movie as much as kids do. The series depicts that life of young wizard Harry Potter and his quest to over-come his arch enemy, the dreaded Lord Voldemort.The Harry Potter Series

This movie will be a delight for children. So make sure you keep a copy of this movie in your library, without fail.

A collection comprising of the titles listed above would be stellar collection which has a buffet of choices which can cater to the tastes of various guests. It wouldn’t hurt to have the following movies available too; National Lampoons Vacation, The Concierge, The X-Men Series, The Usual Suspects, Casino and Heat.  Always a good idea to have a substantial collection for guests to choose from.

This is one of the many ways to improve guest satisfaction. Technology also plays a crucial role in simplifying hotel operations and delivering better customer service. Click here to know more about it.