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Mobile Hotel Management: How can hotels benefit from this

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Mobile devices and their applications are quickly redefining the way the hospitality industry functions and engages customers. Success for hoteliers comes entirely with guest satisfaction. Happy guests facilitate better reputation management as more and more people choose to be repeat visitors, and recommend a hotel brand online or by word-of-mouth. The question is, how do you improve operations, and subsequently, guest satisfaction with the power of your smartphone?

With the rising expectations of the modern-day traveler, are hoteliers stepping up to exceed expectations and win guests over? Guest experience has moved beyond large TV screens and ultimate luxury leaving hoteliers looking for innovative technologies to make their property stand out from the rest. Actually, the experience starts from the minute the guest waits to check-in to his/her room, and continues till his check-out and beyond.

Hoteliers of small and mid-sized properties also need to step up and take calculated steps towards empowering themselves on the technology front. Better management, faster service, improved guest experience and the ability to sell more are some of the aspects modern-day hoteliers need to consider.

Would making the move towards the use of mobile applications benefit hoteliers? What are the key features hoteliers must focus on to simplify their hotel operations, boost sales, and improve guest experience? can hotels benefit from mobile hotel management?

Benefits of Mobile Hotel Management

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of hotel management on the go and how it can redefine the way every type of hotel property is managed worldwide.

Going Mobile – what it means for Hoteliers

1) Offers greater flexibility to manage single/multiple properties

Be it an owner of an independent hotel or a chain of hotel properties, the benefits of moving to mobile applications are indeed many. Hoteliers can get greater control over their properties by using a simple application installed on their iOS or Android device. It’s easy to add/edit property details, increase operational efficiency and do much more with a hotel management system in the palm of your hands. Monthly pay-as-you-go plans that are flexible according to a hotel’s growth plans without making a large dent on the budget are most preferred by smart hoteliers today.

2) Improved Focus on Guest Experience

Hotel property owners must value time as guests expect a whole lot of features without long waiting periods. Faster check-ins, keyless entries, understanding guest preferences and more are some of the expectations set by travelers. Hotel mobile applications are therefore suitable for the hotel industry because they help the staff to manage the minutest details for enhanced guest experience. Adoption of mobility in this industry leaves front office managers, housekeeping staff, hotel managers, etc. with ample time to focus on every detail related to guest experience. The analytics dashboard in the system will also help hoteliers make informed decisions on the go.

3) Monitor Hotel Operations On the Go

If hoteliers are getting ready to welcome modern guests, their hotel management system must also be in step with the changing times. The manual data entry process or on-premise systems do not offer the flexibility to manage hotel properties while on the move. This leads to added stress for busy hoteliers who are either hard-pressed for time or constantly on the run being located at different hotel properties. Hoteliers face the difficulty to coordinate and keep an eye on the various departments and their daily functioning. These can be taken care of by switching to a mobile hotel management app. It’s easy to equip staff with mobiles and tablets so that they can address a guest’s requirements and improve efficiency using the mobile hotel management app. It’s fairly simple to keep a watch on the room reservations, housekeeping tasks, multiple point of sale (POS) management, and do much from any location. For example, imagine assigning housekeeping tasks to team members via a mobile app. Compare this to calling up team members and coordinating every single detail?

Hotel mobile apps for smart hoteliering present a whole lot of convenience and greater flexibility to operate, monitor and execute hotel operations… all at one’s fingertips.

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