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Make your Hotel a Football Fan's Paradise

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Make your Hotel a Football Fan's ParadiseWith a huge influx of tourists primed to visit the country, Brazil is preparing to make this a summer all football fans will want to be a part of. Approximately 6,00,000 foreigners are expected to travel to Brazil for FIFA 2014, according to Bloomberg Business Week. As the World Cup games go on, fans will want to further immerse themselves in everything football related.

Let your guests know your property is just as excited about each match as they are. Football fans are very devoted and don’t want to miss a beat come game time. There are plenty of great ways to get into the spirit, and many of them do not take a lot of effort or investment. Because there are so many visitors expected and so few hotel rooms available, most hotels are guaranteed to fill up. But by offering an exceptional experience and extra amenities, hotels may earn repeat customers or sell a few upgrades to guests.

If you want to make your hotel a football fan’s paradise, take a few of these ideas for a test run.

– Provide shuttle transportation to and from the stadium – most guests will not know the area very well and will feel much safer relying on the hotel for transportation. The convenience factor will also be memorable to guests. They won’t have to wait around for cabs and pay extra fares.

– Install a big screen in the hotel so fans can watch matches – Even those who make it down to Brazil for the event can’t make it to every match. For those who are running late or taking a day of rest, give them the option to leisurely watch the game surrounded by fellow guests in the comfort of your hotel.

– Create special packages for the event – Name the packages after popular football themes, countries or players. Create package upgrades with complimentary meals, a free night or a larger suite.

– Sell fan gear and souvenirs at the front desk or gift shop if you have one on your property – There are plenty of fans who will want to have festive gear when they attend the games but won’t want to roam around town to find it. Make it easy for them and bring it right to the front desk.

However you bring the spirit of the games into your property, be sure your guests are having a great time and leave with the best impression of the Brazilian hospitality industry possible.