In our earlier submissions (Part 1 & Part 2)*, you became acquainted with what it takes to analyze a hotel management system before buying it. However, we would like to highlight some often-neglected aspects that could further benefit your decision-making. This is particularly useful for first-time PMS purchasers/buyers:

A. Don’t Get Hustled into Buying a PMS, Stand Your Ground

Many technology offerings have a stringent service-life. If your chosen PMS product seems to have this limitation, seek details about the maintenance requirements, servicing frequency/costs and related issues like cyclical downtime(s). Indulge in detailed conversations (or even arguments) to understand limitations of the technology you are about to adopt and demand the technical specifications from your vendor.

B. Lookout When Cheap Becomes Fatal

Perhaps, the biggest loophole here is property owners ending-up with supposedly premium offerings sold at throwaway prices. Sometimes, software solutions are retailed at shockingly low rates just to get the opportunity of testing a technology in actual work conditions. Thus, choosing competitively-priced Hotel Management Systems is a wise approach but getting lured into dirt-cheap solutions is just risky, wishful thinking.

C. Considering Third Party Consultations? Stop, Think Again!

Tips for buying a property management system

Stop, Relax & Think Again: Don’t Buy Just Any PMS!

Hospitality industry experts often recommend seeking guidance from a third party (Technology/IT Consultants) to examine a PMS technology. However, do you really want to invest in something where the evaluation itself seems so challenging? This also presents the possibility of wasted spending in the form of hiring an independent consultant?

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