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[Infographic] A hotelier’s guide to using Twitter


Best Twitter practices for hotels

A Tweet a day is the best way!

Twitter is a powerful social media network that connects 284 million strong audiences. This free advertising tool increases the online exposure of a brand. If you thought Twitter is only for the biggies then you are wrong. Nowadays, even small hotel properties have started utilizing their Twitter accounts to tweet everything from room renovations to staff training and guest experience. One should note that the tweets should not be feeble but powerful enough to drive traffic to your website.

To keep up with the pace of the industry, hoteliers must focus on connecting with this huge segment of people as anyone might turn out to be your next guest. Look out for creative ways to connect with your old, existing and potential guests through Twitter.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tweeter, the following tips will give you a new perspective. Read on.

Infographic - A hotelier’s guide to using Twitter-small


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