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Increase Your Hotel’s Reviews on TripAdvisor During FIFA World Cup


TripAdvisor reviews BrazilWhether you are a big brand or a small sized hotel, getting reviews from customers feels prestigious. People usually read the reviews of hotels and then decide whether to make bookings or not. So reviews are very important for your hotel as positive reviews can take you to a high and negative ones can pull you down.

FIFA World Cup is here

FIFA is a week away (READ: Train your staff to handle international guests) and everyone is gearing up to witness the World Cup in Brazil. This is the time of the year where you can expect a lot of bookings and the best way to promote your hotel is by increasing your hotel’s reviews on TripAdvisor.

Find out how you can increase your Hotel’s reviews on TripAdvisor

Manage your hotel listing: Go to the “Manage your listings” section on the review site and update your details, such as, hotel name, amenities and add traveler photos as pictures work really well on such listings. By doing this, you are optimizing your page therefore increasing your ranking on Google.

Set up email alerts: After you have updated your listings, set up email alerts in order to know when a review is posted.

Always respond to reviews: Never make the mistake of avoiding your customers. Always respond to their reviews/feedbacks, be it positive or negative. If the review is negative, respond with an apologetic tone so that you don’t lose your customer.

Encourage guests to post reviews: Request your guests to post reviews on TripAdvisor or your social media links. This will increase your business and will develop a trust.

Add a widget to your website: The easiest way to get customers review your website is toadd a widget on your websitethat reads “Recommend on TripAdvisor”. You can politely request your guest to post a review or rate you on TripAdvisor.

There will be a rise in tourism during FIFA so be well prepared to have guests from all around the globe. Make sure your guests enjoy the maximum during their stay.

Always remember, a happy guest will keep your business afloat!