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Impress Your Hotel Guests During FIFA World Cup


Hotel management software BrazilFIFA is a week away and hotels in Brazil have started preparing for the influx of tourists by training staff (READ: Hotels train staff to handle International guests during FIFA) to handle international guests.

Everyone wants their guests to feel privileged during their stay and FIFA is the best time to build a good clientele for future visits to your hotel. Many hotels have already started charting out strategies to set their hotel apart from the rest. The best way to impress your guests is by pleasing their palate with the help of Brazilian delicacies. Here are few tips to woo your guests:

Entice your guests with Brazilian delicacies

Your guests may be in town for the big matches, but their stay can be made memorable if infused with local delicacies. Right from the moment they wake up, they will be looking for a quick meal to fuel them for the action-packed day ahead. Whether they are looking for sustenance or a culinary adventure, traditional Brazilian dishes are a great way to welcome international guests. Getting to know a region’s food is the best method to familiarize oneself with the culture. Brazilian hotels should make the trip unforgettable for football fans and surprise them with unexpected dishes. Give them a little lesson in Brazilian history and culture by dishing out exotic recipes.


Highlight the region’s local tastes. Offer dishes like feijoada, which is recognized as the country’s national dish. This stew-like dish that is made with either pork or beef and beans can get taste buds tingling. There are many other options you can serve in a buffet style so guests can pick and choose what they would like to sample.

You will still want to offer a wide variety of foods as well. Because guests will be coming from all over the world, there will be a wide variety of palates to please. And not everyone will fall in love with the local cuisine at first bite. Be sure that you have plenty of options on hand. From American burgers and fries to Japanese sushi, the options are limitless. Sprinkle the spread with Brazilian side dishes to make the experience exotic. While you don’t need to make an enormous menu, you should try to offer at least one option that is vegetarian and one or two that are cooked, keeping in mind food allergies.


Food is not the only way to show the unique flavor of the country. Be sure to showcase the caipirinha, Brazil’s signature cocktail at the bar. Your guests would have definitely heard about it and would be waiting to be served this refreshing drink of sugar, lime and cachaca. Your party-ready football fans will certainly be thirsty when they return to the hotel or while they are watching the game on your big screen.


Everyone loves to relish dessert after a good meal and for most of them, dessert is the most exciting part of a meal. Impress your guests by preparing famous delicacies of Brazil like Brigadeiro, Bauru, Beijinho etc. as a lot of people love gorging on all kinds of sweet, sugary desserts.

You can also offer football themed menu options to your guests for an unforgettable experience (READ: Make your Hotel a Football Fan’s Paradise). Make sure that your hotel is well-prepared in every way as the event kicks off pretty soon.

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