Hotel Property Management System

Why Is It Important To Choose the Right Hotel Property Management System


Why Is It Important To Choose the Right Hotel Property Management System

The easiest way to grow your revenue while delivering an unforgettable guest experience is by employing a powerful hotel property management system(PMS). These systems help in streamlining operations by aggregating reservations across multiple channels on a single dashboard. Some hoteliers tend to confuse them with hotel booking software, however, these systems are more resourceful and efficient. They also help to organise housekeeping tasks and schedule and carry out transactions such as payments, deposits, refunds, etc.

The scope of functionality that a hotel property management system offers is enough to convince hoteliers. From owning guest communications to generating business performance reports, choosing the right hotel management software improves productivity by automating manual monotonous tasks and reducing the burden on the staff.

Hotelogix hotel property management system (PMS) is designed for the smart hotelier. It offers a full-stack solution with night audit and Automated Coaching Engine (ACE) to improve ROI and certify your staff. It is also useful to identify trends not just in hospitality but also in your internal data- making it the best investment.

If you are not tech-friendly or are just hesitant to take the leap of faith as a first-time user, here are some features that set the Hotelogix property management system (PMS) apart –

1. Cloud-based remote operations

The world today is digital. The best hotel applications are all cloud-based systems i.e they can be operated online from any place at any time. Having a ‘cloud’ based system enables hoteliers to store a large amount of data. In order to maintain security, the data is hosted in one secure location. However, this data can all be accessed remotely at any time on any device – all you would need is a stable internet connection.

As compared to the legacy system, Hotelogix’s cloud-based system lets you store, process, analyze and share data. This GDPR compliant data is then used to personalize and customize the guest experience. It is also used to analyze market trends and develop effective marketing strategies. Since it can be operated remotely, you no longer need to rely on a particular location or computer to manage your hotel. Hotelogix PMS is your partner in business even when you are on-the-road.

2. Supports multiple functions

Hotelogix PMS offers more than a simple hotel property management system, it is an all-in-one solution. You no longer need to invest in multiple platforms or hire numerous vendors for each functionality. Hotelogix hotel property management software seamlessly integrates with supplementary software like web booking engine, channel manager, POS integrations, revenue management, etc. There are also additional features like a sleek and easy to use dashboard, actionable reports and analytics, and multiple payment gateways that can be accessed via a mobile app.

Hotelogix’s product suite is designed to offer efficient solutions to support the fast-paced work environment of small to mid-sized hotels. However, one size does not fit all – so, this software can be highly customized according to the needs of the property.

Hotelogix’s powerful solution includes:

  • Web Booking Engine 2.0 – A personalized and efficient way to drive more bookings directly from your hotel’s website and Facebook page. Also known as a reservation system, an online booking engine is a great way to boost bookings without losing any commission. This versatile software is perfect for hoteliers who want to get more bookings at 0% commission and generate higher revenues.
  • Channel manager – An online distribution tool that allows you to maximize sales and manage your listings on OTAs at the same time. Integrating a channel manager with your PMS works on a pooled inventory model – this means room rates and availability are automatically updated across all channels whenever a booking is made. No need to split inventory between channels anymore.
  • Contactless Payments solution – Yet another solution to simplify everyday operations is an integrated payments solution. The contactless payment software can be connected with your property management system with a simple piece of code. This will help you process payments, deposits and refunds digitally. You no longer have to track and maintain accounts with cash. It also promotes touchless check-outs since you can settle your outstanding payments on your smartphone.
  • POS management – If you manage a property with multiple points of sales (POS) eg restaurant, bar, boutique store, etc; a POS management system is for you. This software will unify all your sales sources. You, guests, can enjoy the “add to the room” service and their purchases get billed to their room. You no longer have to check for bills and run audits at every POS. With a simple design and centralized management, POS saves both time and money.
  • Mobile PMS – Manage your company on-the-go with the power of the Hotelogix mobile PMS app. Leverage the power of a full-stack hospitality suit to manage your hotel operations to speed-up check-ins, check-outs, housekeeping operations, manage multiple POS outlets efficiently and get access to actionable reports from the convenience of your smartphone.
  • Remote Learning – Earn while you learn with our unique remote coaching and certification module- Hotelogix ACE. Perform tasks on the PMS with this learn-by-doing initiative directly integrated with your hotel PMS. It’s a simple three-step process that can be repeated as many times as you like- watch a video, perform the tasks, earn credit! It is the perfect solution for training your employees.
  • 24×7 Support – ​Hotelogix offers 24×7 live chat support to help you keep your business live-always. With multi-language support, our solutions experts guarantee efficient and innovative solutions to help you run your business hassle-free.

3. Real-time updates and syncing

Each hotel is unique, but we all prioritize the same thing- guest experience and service delivery. Technology augments service delivery- the less time your staff are spending on menial tasks, the more time they have to focus on guests.

A good hotel property management system automates a lot of time-consuming tasks- manages emails, schedules appointments, tracks performance, improves security, and so on.

Sync all your operations from front desk to housekeeping and point of sales units- with real-time updates that ensure you never miss out on guest updates.

Hotel Property Management Systems are The Key to Success

Hoteliers look for a versatile hotel property management system because they want to find the best system to help them manage their business. Most hoteliers have realised that older methods such as excel sheets and on-site management systems are no longer efficient in the current scenario.

Hotel management software needs to leverage the latest technology to pave a better way ahead. Seamless connectivity and streamlined hotel operations have become the key to improving service.

Successful hotel management utilizes a cloud-based all-in-one solution like Hotelogix PMS. Hotelogix offers the best hotel property management system for small to mid-sized hotels. Offerings include a versatile front desk, channel manager, booking engine, revenue management, reports and audits, and POS system. All systems are smoothly integrated into one another giving hoteliers the most seamless operating experience.

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