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How to send automated guest emails using Hotelogix?


email marketingCommunicating with guests is the first step to establishing a smooth path towards a good and memorable guest experience. Today, almost every reservation happens online. The guest makes his choice based on the reviews and other information on the hotel that he has gathered through researching online. With websites like offering reservations that can be cancelled one day prior to the arrival date, there is a possibility that the guest makes two bookings in case he is undecided.

Now, compare the communication experience of two hotels where the booking has been made. One of the hotels has implemented an effective email marketing solution that has automated emails. The guest will get a response from the hotel, confirming the reservation. Following up to the confirmation mail, could be an automated mail giving him a brief of the different services that are offered by the hotel, any pre-booking of a service if needed like airport transfer and so on. There could also be a mail sharing general information of areas in and around the hotel. Thus, this hotel has established communication with the guest and has kept him engaged right from the time of booking.

In the case of the second hotel that does not have automated mailers; the guest may receive a sporadic mail or no mail at all. Looking at it from a guest’s point of view, the first hotel has a professional system that acknowledges confirmed bookings and hence, out of the two, the guest will in all probability choose the hotel that has communicated more and has controlled the guest relationship from the beginning.

What Hotelogix offers to automate guest emails?

MailChimp Integration:


Hotelogix has integrated with MailChimp keeping in mind the special needs of its customers. With this integration, the hoteliers have an effective email marketing solution seamlessly integrated with their reservation system. Hoteliers are able to configure and setup automatic delivery of bulk emails in real time or scheduled emails to be sent later to the guests. Once configured in the Admin Console, hoteliers can then manage multiple lists on MailChimp that will update automatically during Night Audit on events like New Bookings, Check-Ins, Check-Outs and Cancellations. These lists can then be used for sending custom-designed emails at the time of reservations, prior to Check-Ins, post Check-Outs, special discount mails, packages and offer mails and so on.

Review Express

Review ExpressTripAdvisor Reviews

Keeping in mind the importance of guest experience, Hotelogix has also implemented Review Express to help hotels easily manage guest feedback on TripAdvisor and allow the hotel to respond to the reviews at the earliest. Review Express collects all TripAdvisor Reviews of the hotel added by recent visitors and Hotelogix makes sure that these are directly displayed on the Front Desk. This allows the staff to respond to guests’ feedback in a timely manner, giving them a chance to show that they are listening and care about their guests. Interestingly, hotel staff can always use guest feedback for quick reference in case of returning guests at Check-In, Check-Out and during various Guest services.

A well strategized and implemented email marketing campaign that takes care of automated mails for confirmation, payments and promotions coupled with speedy response to guest feedback can greatly improve guest experience.

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