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How the #OneMinutePMS is Revolutionizing Cloud Migration



Cloud based SaaS companies have levelled the playing field, particularly for small and mid-sized hoteliers who have been unable to access modern management technology due to financial barriers and more. But even today with the vast number of Property Management Systems (PMS) to choose from, a large number of independent hotels are still managing their operations without this technology.

Learn more about their concerns and how Hotelogix has stepped up its PMS to address them:



Having spent over a decade in hospitality, Prabhash Bhatnagar (Founder, Hotelogix) understands that running a hotel is no simple task and the last thing you need to worry about is IT-related issues. And especially so for independent property owners. If you happen to be among the hoteliers struggling to find a PMS to address your needs, we recommend you sign up for our instant trial and see the difference for yourself!