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How Partnership With Hotelogix Will Help You Retain Hotel Workers Jobs And Revenues Amid The Pandemic


How Partnership With Hotelogix Will Help You Retain Hotel Workers Jobs And Revenues Amid The Pandemic

Fewer people are travelling due to the COVID pandemic, and this means that revenues are falling. With fewer rooms being sold, it has put many jobs in the hospitality industry in jeopardy. It’s hard for hotels to justify having a full staff if they aren’t selling all of their rooms like they might have been a year or so ago.

Hotel workers are among those who are taking the brunt of this pandemic. They don’t have the luxury of working remotely. Many have faced drastically reduced hours, and others have been let go. Those who are still working in the industry continually face the looming threat of layoffs, not to mention contracting the virus.

At Hotelogix, we know the fear and pain you are feeling right now as a hotelier. We understand how worried your employees feel at this time, and we understand that trying to pay salaries while maintaining operations is difficult without enough guests. Of course, hotels also need to make sure that the employees stay safe through the pandemic.

Let Hotelogix Help

We know the industry well, and we truly want to make sure that hotels can stay the course during the pandemic. We take it upon ourselves to help hotels retain their workers while keeping them safe, and also increase their revenue. We deliver value at a price point that aligns with the current state of the industry.

Currently, we’re offering the most powerful, full-stack hotel management suite for 85% off. We will also work with you closely to help ensure that your hotel occupancy returns, so you can start to improve your revenue. Additionally, when you choose the Hotelogix COVID Special plan, a hotel pays Hotelogix for its services when their business reaches an optimal level.

Of course, you’ll want to have a better idea of the types of features and services that the hospitality platform can offer. You’ll find that it can help to make bookings, logistics, and revenue management easier for the hospitality industry, along with much more.

What You Can Expect From Using Hotelogix

There are countless booking and revenue challenges in the hospitality industry today. With the right technology, it becomes possible to better handle those issues. The Hotelogix platform can provide help with:

  • Operations
  • Distribution
  • Reputation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Guest-Facing Technologies

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that help to make Hotelogix such a good choice.

The Hotelogix platform is easy to integrate and to use, allowing you to have better overall control of your hotel operations. You can handle the management of your various teams and departments through the platform, minimizing contact and increasing efficiency.

The platform also makes it easy for you to manage multiple channels. Many hotels today allow customers to book right through their website, which can increase revenue since it won’t be shared with other channels. Of course, most hotels also list their sites on various channels to reach as many potential customers as possible. Hotelogix allows you to manage all of these channels through a single platform. You’ll also be able to automate many aspects of your marketing, and you can manage your establishment’s reputation.

The Importance Of Contactless Hospitality And Mobile PMS Features

This isn’t just a normal slowdown in the hospitality industry. This is a massive shift to the way that you have to think about doing business going forward, including how you handle customers at your hotel. Today, customers are looking for and expect contactless hospitality options. They want to be able to check into and out of the hotel without standing in a long line with other people. They want to do this through their mobile phones, and you need to provide this service.

When you choose Hotelogix, it’s possible to do this. You can handle checking into and out of the rooms, payments, and more through the platform. You won’t need to have direct face-to-face contact with the customers, and they won’t have to stand in line, This helps to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Guest-facing features like this are essential for any hotel PMS today.

The Mobile PMS features will allow you to take care of managing operations through your phone. This reduces instances of coming into direct contact with customers and with other workers. You can manage everything right through the app on the phone, allowing you to speed up housekeeping and other operations.

Keeping Workers Safe And Employed

You have a duty to your workers to ensure that they stay safe during the pandemic. Profit is not more important than their health and safety. Using Hotelogix will help to make this easier. The management system is simple to use, and it makes it possible to better coordinate the movements of the departments and the workers. Keeping them somewhat isolated, not only from visitors but also from one another and other departments, helps to reduce the risk of infection.

A big part of ensuring your employees continue to have jobs in the hospitality industry is getting as many visitors into your hotel as you can safely. This requires not only using a quality hotel PMS but also rethinking your strategies for marketing. The marketing automation features from our suite can help with this.

Remember to connect with past guests and potential future guests who have expressed an interest in your property. You can stay connected with them via email to let them know that you are still open and operating. It’s also possible to offer them rooms at a discount or to offer an upgraded room for the price of a regular room. These enticements help to get more customers into your hotel, even during a pandemic.

If you have a safe location that takes the virus seriously and works to ensure the safety of guests, people will feel comfortable visiting. Many people are looking for a way to get out of their home, even if their vacation plans are different than they were a year or two ago. You could even offer discounts to locals who want a “staycation”, where they can get out of their house for a few days and feel like they are on vacation.

Good marketing, with data gleaned from your software, helps to increase your hospitality industry revenue even during these tough times.

Make The Right Choice

We know that you are concerned about what’s going to happen to your employees and your business. COVID-19 is still a problem that’s not going away nearly as quickly as anyone would like. You are facing booking and revenue challenges in the hospitality industry that are unprecedented, so you need to be sure you have a quality hotel PMS that can help. Take the time to learn more about Hotelogix to see just how we can help you.

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