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How PMS Applications Help Enhance Guest Satisfaction and Employee Longevity


Property Management Software Helps Hotels Improve Guest and Employee Experience | Hotelogix

Using a property management system at your hotel does more than just simplify day-to-day operations. When a hotel invests in a PMS app, they get a robust set of tools that improve every facet of the business.

With a property management system, hoteliers can improve the guest experience, with associated features such as remote check-in applications. Better yet, property management systems make the day-to-day workload much more manageable for on-site hospitality staff, allowing hoteliers to retain valued staff.

A PMS streamlines all operations and all information on one convenient dashboard. However, an optimized dashboard is just the tip of the iceberg when considering the many benefits of investing in PMS for your hotel.

Improve Guest Satisfaction with Property Management Software

The more seamless the guest experience, the higher guest satisfaction will be. Providing the best guest experience starts with providing what guests desire.

Guest preferences can change with time, being molded by modern trends and ideas. In the 21st century, certainly one of the biggest shifts in preferences among guests is the desire for a digitized hotel experience.

In some ways, digitizing the hotel experience seems to go directly against the core foundations of the hospitality industry. Hospitality is centered around personalization. So, it can seem counterintuitive to suggest that moving more functions of the hotel experience online will improve guest satisfaction.

However, data tells us more digitization is desired by guests and leads to more satisfied visitors. In 2022, the worldwide market for online hotel bookings is pacing to exceed 174 million. In all, 83% of adults in the U.S. report they want to book their hotel online.

Out of over 140 million online bookings made in 2018, over 80% were completed with zero human interaction. However, findings also show that at least 90% of travelers today wish their online hotel booking experience was more personalized. This does not mean people will stop booking hotel rooms online, but rather that prospective guests may choose the hotel with the most personalized booking experience.

The digitization of online booking has just as many benefits for the guest as it does for the hotelier. With a good PMS and a web-based booking engine, hoteliers can easily mitigate issues that were previously hard to work through. Some issues, such as overbooking, can cease to exist with the application of hotel management systems.

When these operational issues are resolved using technology, the customer automatically benefits from a smoother travel experience. Property management systems have other added benefits for guests such as:

  • A PMS can capture and remember guest information. This makes it easier than ever for repeat customers to quickly book.
  • A cloud-based PMS can provide the option for remote check-in and check-out applications. This saves guests from having to wait in lengthy lines to receive their keys, making the experience more satisfactory.
  • In addition, a cloud-based PMS offers other end-user capabilities. This can be access to resources about the property, or nearby offers for entertainment from the hotel.
  • Hotel management software, such as a PMS, can integrate POS transactions throughout the property. This means purchases someone makes at the hotel restaurant, spa, or bar can all be charged to one invoice, making for hassle-free enjoyment of the retail options on-site.

Hoteliers must recognize the data that points to a desire for further digitization and automation of the travel process. The hotel that is providing flawless service, but lacks desirable technology, will find it hard to keep up with the nearby hotels that have embraced technology.

The use of hospitality technology allows for a more personalized guest experience. From being able to automatically populate guest information, to giving guests the flexibility of self-check-in, technology increases guest satisfaction in hotels all around.

Hoteliers can still provide the same gold standard of on-site service and care they always have. Technology helps greatly with the logistical aspects of travel, but the on-site staff members are always the heartbeat of the hotel.

Improve Employee Retention With Property Management Software

On-site hospitality staff is integral in ensuring an exceptional hotel experience for every guest. It’s the staff at the hotel who warmly greet each guest, grab their bags, provide any resources guests need, and much more.

Hotel management technology allows hoteliers to operate successfully with less staff. This means the hospitality staff that remains at the hotel will need to fill bigger shoes. However, they will be doing so with the helping hand of technology.

Because careers in hospitality often require long hours, bodily stress, and emotionally difficult interactions with customers, ensuring your staff members are satisfied with their roles is more important than ever.

The high-stress aspects of working in hospitality were only exacerbated by the difficulties of the 2020 pandemic. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average turnover rate for hospitality employees in 2021 was 84.9%. It was the highest on the list.

Hospitality employees face many factors which can cause burnout, such as inflexible schedules and long hours. Technology like a PMS can optimize their workloads, making jobs less stressful overall. With hotel management technology, hoteliers can make their staff members’ lives easier, while improving operations and profitability.

If you’re wondering how implementing hotel management software could help you retain staff, consider the following points:

  • A cloud-based PMS offers mobile app features. By investing in a cloud-based PMS, hoteliers give the gift of mobility to their staff. Unlike legacy software, a cloud PMS does not need wires or servers to work. Staff can log into this software anywhere- on their laptop, cellphone, or iPad even.
    • With a Reputation staff can take more agency over their work and where they get it done. It also allows them to complete tasks while walking the property, making necessary multi-tasking much easier.
  • A cloud-based PMS offers big benefits for the housekeeping staff. Without technology, the housekeeping staff can be disconnected from the front desk staff and other key team members.
    • With cloud-based PMS, housekeepers can update rooms as they clean them, right from a mobile device. Better yet, as a housekeeper makes updates in the PMS from the 20th floor, those updates show through to the front desk staff in real-time. This improves communication and reduces friction between departments.

Overall, property management software can improve your employee’s satisfaction by reducing operational frustrations. Technology facilitates easier communication between departments, and overall, aids in employee longevity.

Bottom Line

If you’re in the business of hospitality and customer satisfaction, you know the experience is everything. As more guests desire tech-enabled hotel features, it’s important to be sure your hotel can provide what people want.

Moreover, hospitality management technology can improve the hospitality employees’ experience at their job, leading to a happier team. With hotel technology, like a PMS, hoteliers can enjoy endless benefits.