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How Digital Advertising & Marketing Can Transform Your Hotel Business and Earnings

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

How Digital Advertising & Marketing Can Transform Your Business and EarningsAny business needs to be visible to attract the attention of customers. This attention can be provided with a clever marketing strategy and several digital advertisements as well. In the hospitality industry, several hoteliers make leverage of local tourism to propagate their businesses as well. But, there are more digital marketing trends to follow than this traditional path.

Digitalizing your Marketing for Hotel Consumerism

1. A fully-functioning website

Carving your publicity and business in the virtual world needs a good marketing strategy. If you have a website, make sure it is updated and spruced up!

2.Go Mobile

 Mobile applications are the order of the day for easy and anytime-access. Ensure  that your website is easily scaled according to mobile and browser type. 

3. Smart OTA

Hotel bookings get a lot of mileage from OTA. But, the downside is losing money over commissions. But a bargain has to be struck between creating a balance of profits and stability by aligning with OTAs, as they make huge contributions for hotel business.

4. Capitalize on direct bookings

A recent Expedia Media Solutions showed that travelers visit 38 websites before narrowing on their travel package of choice. Capitalize on direct bookings to save on commissions made by OTA’s.

5. Optimization

Visibility is key. Local search engine optimization with a stable NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) is vital for being present in directory listings and local search engines.  Increase your chances of being found online by registering on local and international travel directories.

6. Social Media

One can’t dispute the enormous impact social media has on any business. Make sure your hotel is noticed for all the right reasons with appropriate social standing in the online media.

7. Guest Reviews and Website Ratings

Word of mouth’ online implies that thousands and scores more have heard, what has been as faint a whisper. Gather more mileage for your business’s marketing plan by capitalizing on your guests and customers erstwhile reviews and comments.

For a forward and upscale building business, innovation is key. With marketing strategies getting digitalized and refined by the day, it is necessary that your business is smart and meets the trending marketing standard. Hotelogix’s smart hoteleiring solutions, brings to you more marketing strategies to reckon with to set your business to scale heights. To know more about marketing strategies and digital publicity, register here for our upcoming webinar in Spanish on ‘Smart Hoteliers- Strategies to Enhance Your Hotel Business ‘scheduled for March 20th, 2014 at 4:00PM UTC-3.