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How Automation Helps Reduce Cost & Increase Efficiency for Hotels?


Automation helps reduce cost and increase efficiencyWe are all about saving money and time equals to money. The more efficient the processes, the less time is wasted, productivity increases which results in reduction of costs and increase in revenue. So, if you are still using excel and word for invoices and reports, it is time to assess the impact of manual and obsolete processes on time efficiency and cost and start thinking about automating hotel processes to save on both.

Let’s take a few scenarios and compare a non-automated process to automated hotel operations.

The most basic of hotel processes is making a reservation. A guest makes a booking. You have a manual process of sending out a confirmation and welcome email. This leaves room for manual error in the information sent, delays in sending mails and more. Compare this with an automated process where this happens automatically.Manual time takenAnother scenario would be of a guest that makes a temporary booking and needs to pay the deposit by a due date. In a non automated process this would require regular monitoring of accounts for payment, sending out reminder mails, checking account department for payment and sending confirmation or cancellation email. This again leaves room for manual error, delays in sending reminders and worst case cancelling of the guest booking because the reminder was sent late leading to unhappy guest and maybe bad online reviews. In an automated process.

Manual interventionThese are just a few basic scenarios where automation can benefit.  There are countless processes that have scope for better efficiency like check in and check out process, invoicing, distribution, travel agents and OTA management and more.

A few years back there were a lot of debates on whether automation is worth the effort and cost for small and mid size segment with limited resources. The only argument against automation was the huge costs of infrastructure and maintenance required for automation. Another argument was the effort and cost required to re-engineer processes. With technology like cloud based property management systems both the arguments have lost their punch. With little or no cost required for installing and maintaining the software, the advantages of automation are just too many. If a hotel’s systems are still not automated it almost amounts to criminal negligence. Even boutique hotels with old school hospitality rely on automation to provide the best customer stay experience.  Other  automation technologies like integrating guest rooms with hotel management system enables staff to monitor heating, ventilation and plumbing to reduce energy costs and plan better guest room services. Electronic mini bars have been known to increase sales and reduce losses. Call accounting automation, room automation and audio visual control systems are other few automation technologies that are increasing revenue for hotels.

Independent  and disconnected IT software for different tasks can be cost consuming in terms of time spent in consolidating information and taking into account the cost of errors and delays. Automation can convert inefficient, independent and disconnected processes into integrated, automated and simplified workflows. Automation increases efficiency by streamlining tasks and improving overall quality and reliability. It also ensures a seamless and efficient end-to-end stay experience for the customer. If you are looking to the future and do not want to be left behind… automation is the way to go.

Bid adieu to manual processes and make the switch to automation for instant benefits. You might be interested in watching our webinar to know more about it.