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Is your Hotel’s Website SEO Friendly?


SEO friendly websiteSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial part to any business strategy. In this blog, we share few SEO tips to increase your hotel’s ranking on Google.

No matter how big your property may be, you cannot rely solely on word of mouth in the hotel industry these days. In this extremely competitive world, hoteliers need to make use of all the webmaster tools available. If your property isn’t cashing in on SEO, then you will be left in the dust while all of your competitors draw in guests left and right.

This method of gaining search engine’s attention will help searchers find your property’s website when they are looking for the perfect hotel.

As per the statistics, about 75% of travelers go online to find a hotel and make their reservations and these searchers never go beyond the first page of the search results. Therefore, you need to climb on the top of the search engine ranks for the growth and success of your hotel.

Few SEO Tips:

Create an SEO friendly website: Make sure your site is SEO friendly so that it becomes easier for the search engines to get to your web pages and index them to ensure your content appears in Search Engine Results Page.

  1. Content is the key: Creating useful, relevant content for your audience will draw more views to your hotel’s webpage and it will earn you respect as a trusted brand.
  2. Get Social: In addition to great content, you also need to get social. There is no point in generating good content if it’s not reaching anyone (READ: Social Media Knocking: Still unsure about Facebook-ing your hotel?). Use social media to promote your content and spread your presence in the industry.

Optimize your hotel website: Maximize your meta titles using keywords that are relevant to your website. Look for keywords with high rankings on Google and try to use them in your content to enable search engines to get to your website.

Make your hotel URL friendly: The dot-com business is very competitive, and domain names can be pretty pricey. New domain name suffixes like “.vacation” and “.resorts” have become available recently, and they may boost your visibility.

Optimize local listings: Optimize your hotel’s local listings by 100% as optimizing your local listings is the most crucial factor that search engines consider when indexing local businesses. The best way to enable local listing optimization is to actively establish Google and Local Page for your hotel.

Get high quality backlinks: It is crucial to acquire special links from other websites in order to boost your website’s authority. By listing your website in well ranked and local directories you will know how high you get ranked in the search results.

Consider these five strategies to make your hotel’s website SEO friendly and see the results. By incorporating these strategies, you will be able to create a strong online presence in the hospitality industry. Good luck!

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