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Hotelogix was ace at the HITEC 2012, Baltimore

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Renowned hospitality industry experts, technology enthusiasts and media personnel flocked to Baltimore to attend this year’s HITEC Show. Booth 2041 was the cynosure, engaging compliments from exhibitors and attendees. The reason was simple: this booth showcased the most comprehensive Cloud-based solution for small & mid-segment hospitality businesses—HOTELOGIX.

It became clearly evident that Hotelogix has now emerged as one of the five, most preferred cloud based solutions across the North and South American geographical strata. Hotelogix was perceived as a serious competitor, even by established players in this space.

The confidence that Hotelogix had infused among its users and reviewers was very palpable as many companies had pre-scheduled their meetings with Hotelogix founders. This included potential re-sellers and industry alliance-seekers.

The Booth was presented in a professional-yet-welcoming manner. The idea was to ensure easy accessibility of information for industry professional and make them aware with Hotelogix. Exchange of ideas and information was the pivotal interaction seen in Booth 2041. Hotelogix was pleased to see feedbacks pouring in and in future to work on these feedbacks.Many industry people recalled Hotelogix from its 2010 participation. They were immensely impressed with the kind of progress Hotelogix had achieved within two years, and there visit in the booth was unavoidable.

Hotelogix 2.0 was a major release at HITEC 2012. Hotelogix 2.0 is vibrant, which interfaced new features like ‘Hotelogix Multilingual’ and ‘Channel Management.’ The new revamped layout of the website too was praised by many attendees.

Hotelogix was among one of the 14 companies chosen by the HITEC Committee for its Tech Tour Stop! This emphasizes that Hotelogix outclassed many competitors, fascinating the jury with its progressive technology. Overall, Hotelogix made a more-than-positive impact, re-enforcing its brand across the global hospitality sector.

In order to make our presence in Baltimore more productive, we used this opportunity to sign-up with our Channel Partner in the US—Stark Solutions. This development was shared across the industry via a Press Release, i.e. a week prior to HITEC, which further helped Hotelogix to capture attention as the mega hospitality event neared its beginning.

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